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Keybind & capt skill enchancement request related to targeting

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Could we please have:


1- A settings option to not have the ship automatically lock a target. For example, if I'm trying to fire at a ship in smoke or a ship that is showing broadside that went stealth a second ago.. I do NOT want the game automatically locking another red ship in the view which is much close or farther away which then starts to track target (a good feature but not for this) and throw off my aim as it tends to happen the moment im about to fire. 

LIKEWISE, If I have a locked target and I move the aimpoint farther from it and closer to another ship, it should NOT automatically unlock my original target and target the closest ship. A good example of why is if you trying to shoot a french DD and you have to give it a very long lead... most often than not the lock gets lost and grabs onto another ship because of this. This should not happen. 


2- Basic Fire Training and Advanced Fire Training add-on bonuses: 

Basic: When locked target is lost (goes stealth), retain dispersion benefits of a  target lock on it for 2 seconds. AKA you lost lock and track of target but guns will still retain the dispersion as if locked for 2 more seconds. 

Advanced: Increase prior to 4 seconds. 


3- Turret view : It makes no sense that the default turret you look out of is the rear turret. Even selecting 'dont switch camera between turrets automatically' option doesnt do anything since the default is always the aft turret. Please make the default be the forward turret or have the client save the player's choice. 


4- Chain fire main guns: Would it be possible to add a new type of option for firing guns? 

1 mouse click: Chain Fire: Each turret fires all its guns one at a time. 

Double Mouse Click: Salvo Fire: All turrets fire all guns at the same time.

1 mouse click and hold: Ripple Fire: Each turret fires each gun barrel one at a time. Once a turret starts ripple firing it wont stop until it has fired all its barrels. 

So for example, in a Yamato, ripple firing would have the forwardmost turret fire one barrel, a moment later the next barrel, a moment after the third barrel... then if the player keeps the button held down it moves on to the next turret to do the same. 


Each barrel when fired will have its own dispersion circle. 

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1: X is your friend. Unlock and lock targets at will. There is a setting that doesn't track locked targets as well.

2: Pretty sure the dispersion buff applies for a second or two after a target disappears. It would be nice to keep the track lock as well, REALLY irritating when a target disappears just as you fire and the game instantly switches your aim point so you blast the island instead. But that should just be base, no skills needed.

3. C is your friend, manually switches the turret view.

4: Just why? Ripple fire turrets is more than enough, why would you want to go one round at a time? And dispersion, trajectory, etc, is already individually calculated for each shell.

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