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I Got Absolutely Hammered and Made An Udaloi Video

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I enjoyed your video. Ihave been playing for 6 months and have a long way to go. Right now I am on the kiev. I play only random battles although I belong to a clan. Not enough time for that. Destroyers are my thing. Torps especially. Which is one thing that really bugs me about you expert players. Your artillery is so good that any destroyer that tries to get close for a torp kill on a battleship will get nailed by the secondary armor not to mention a full salvo from 400 mm guns. So all your torpedo releases are from kms away and you kind of hope one or maybe two  will hit.  But close up action is my adrenalin rush. Ambush the big boys and nail them from 3,4 km. With a double salvo of 10 torpedoes. Mission accomplished. And then on to the next one because they usually always come in two's or three's. I rarely fire my guns unless I get into a 1 on 1 with another destroyer.  

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