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Quick commands changes.

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I would love to see some changes to the Quick Commands in the game.  

Buttons that currently aren't as useful:  

1. F6 ( Provide AA Fire Support) Especially since the CV rework you see this button spammed but it requires CVs to be present and even then fighter cover is mediocre at best.  

2. F7 ( I need intelligence Data),  OK in principal but often misused and it doesn't get the attention of the guy you want. 

3. F8 ( Set a smoke screen) supremely situational  and of all the buttons in the game this is one I have seen used successfully maybe 2 or 3 times. 

4.  F10 (Good Luck) People do use it at the start of a match but its debatable and could be replaced with something more useful in the heat of battle. 


The buttons / changes I would like to see: 


1. A button that says  "CAUTION enemy ship near me". Or "Attention enemy  ship close by".  Especially as a long time DD player  I would like a button I can use to inform my team mates that an enemy ship is close to me / about to be spotted. 

2. A button that announces it is time to push into the enemy.  We have a "get back " button.  But a "move forward" or "advance" button is missing. Sometimes as a DD or other player you recognize its time for a push well before the rest of your flank does. It would even help in general to negotiate a push with your team mates.  It would also be great for a button to recognize context so you can ask particular team mates to move up.  They can always reply with "negative" if they want to negotiate. 

3. F7 needs some context to it.  It often gets spammed and people think just DDs or CVs should gather intel and it gets ignored by everyone else.  But often I want to get the attention of a Radar ship to pop its radar.   In particular this case is frustrating. The voice message itself needs to ask for RADAR not just intelligence if I highlight a friendly radar ship when pushing this button. 


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If you want to attempt to convince a radar cruiser to use radar, not that the average player will listen to you even if you take the time to type "Baltimore please use radar" in chat, you hover over the cruiser and hit "Requesting Support" and then hit the intelligence data call-out. Any reasonable cruiser player will realize what you want them to do (whether or not they actually do it, questionable)

A command that might be neat would be a consumable call out, because you often get teammates wanting you to radar or smoke for them but your consumable is still on cooldown for say, 30s. The ability to convey "Smoke Screen recharged in 30s" or "Radar ready in 15s" via quick-chat would be very useful.

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