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Analysis - Lazy programmers or being suppressed?

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I have lived a long IT life on this planet and seen many changes in technology. And over the years one items I am noticing is the change the way programmers are doing things. What I mean is instead of good content accounting for a great game, we gamers are seeing compromised values in the product and I am not sure why.

I have know some wonderful software programmers in my life in knowing they are way smarter than myself. I admire their thought processes. Sometimes I equate them to the mad scientist in the way they do things. These programmers have thought of the game loop to the extreme like a chess master. I mean if something fails, there is a response to the problem they have thought of already. Very forward thinking.

However with games today I am seeing things that makes me wonder why go through with the effort. Games are being muddle so badly many players quit in frustration. And I am not saying just one product. I can see game mechanics for some games that are so bad that I think what a waste of money. Then why did they release that product?

So this has got me thinking. Are the upper managers of game companies stifling their game developers? Instead of letting creativity evolve for game development, it has governor caps in place to curtail progress. And when I mean creativity, I mean the stuff that dreams are made of. Is the mighty dollar/euro/ruble/etc that bad  in grabbing the piece of the action in game development? As it was said before in a movie, “The people will come Ray” for a good game product.

Granted we have a pandemic going on and the economy is bad, however a good planner would account for this train of thought, software or otherwise.  I am seeing marketing ruining development. Good brain trusts in computer programming being transferred out over the world instead of revered in place. Promotion being exile than advancement. 

Now I know there are programmers out there in our community not with Wargaming. I wonder if you can explain why we have the environment today being pushed by all the various gaming software companies. I am trying to understand this outcome. IMO I would like to see computer games feel like they were back in the nineties.

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Note that you say the games with problems have players quitting in disgust - so, this is a self-correcting issue.  A game or any other product will grow only if users want to use it.  This has always been the case with games since they were first played, whether they are real or virtual.

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