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Is there a way to be a "contributor" without being in public eye?

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Good Morning Wargaming,

 I am curious. Is there a way to be like a CC in sense of being able to look at ships in advance and test them without being in public eye? I do watch some streamers and some YouTubers on videos about ships and game plays but unfortunately there is so much salt in feedbacks that I can't make a decision on if these ships are worth it for me and my playtime/playstyle. Granted I'm no "god" of the game or "elder" in sense of amount of playtime in game but I do enjoy the game and play it for fun and invest in things I enjoy. I would like to give my "average Joe" opinion on ships but understand/respect the requirements to be an actual cc.

Side question, how is so much salt allowed from ccs? I was watching one recently, very first match of the day, was a lost and as soon as game was over, pulled up cv players stats to show his whole community that the player had no wins in that cv yet..... Community Contributer allowed to pour salt over the community and give the feeling to his community that the player was trash and it was that 1 ships fault they lost the game. Been like that for years with alot of CCs. That is why I don't watch alot of Twitch anymore nor care to be apart of that streaming community and why I can't get thru videos posted on youtube. Its not viable information from a cc. Its a cc complainting about how someone else plays their ships. Freedom of opinion and so forth I respect. And breaking down ships with pros and cons I respect too. But breaking down a fellow player because he has no wins. Really?? A cc is allowed to disrepect other players? Now if its in game chat thats one thing. We all do "comments" to other players but should a CC be allowed to trash talk someone like that publicly especially without his knowledge? If the cc wants to look at that players stats privately that is his choice and i can respect that, but then pull it up on stream for community? Shouldn't be a cc if he is dissing the community publicly in my opinion.

Now I did find a streamer recently that was taking the time and broke down replays of players who submitted them and he was giving some advice, which was awesome to see and ill probably watch some more of his streams/utube video. 

Tbh.... to get the twitch drops, I'm at the point where if I'm watching one of the big warship streamers, their muted cause they can't get thru a game without dissing someone on the team and their tab is just open so I have a chance at the twitch drops you provide the community.

But its just a curious question I had. Idk if this should be pointed to @Hapa_Fodder or @MrConway but thank you for the game and work you do in game/community and time to read this.



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42 minutes ago, Furrocka said:

Is there a way to be like a CC in sense of being able to look at ships in advance and test them without being in public eye?

"CC" stands for "Community Contributor".  To be awarded that title, by the very definition you need to produce content for the rest of the gaming community.  So the answer to that question would be a "no".

You would probably be more interested in being a Super Tester.  ST's get access to ships that have not been released yet, test them, and provide feedback to WG.  However, that does require a considerable amount of work, and is far more involved than simply getting to play new ships before anyone else does.

Public Test does not give you access to premium ships you don't already have, but you can quickly work your way up the tech tree to play higher tier ships you might otherwise not get to play for months by grinding up the tree on your normal account.  The Public Test server is only up during certain weekends, however, so you would have to keep an eye on those announcements.

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If you are male, you could donate sperm, that's generally done discretely. If you are Female, I suppose if you have long hair, you could shave it off and donate it for cancer patients anonymously (men can do this one too). Given time I may be able to come up with more ideas. Seriously though, you could try to become a privateer, their work is generally done discretely, like Wiki editor kind of stuff. Try watching Mr_Gibbins, non toxic streaming.

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A way to have early access quietly? Supertester, kind of. We test things, but as you probably know we can't say anything so definitely not public. But we test way more than ships, so it's not just about early access to test ships. But if you want to contribute in a quiet way, it's an option. Also Wiki editors do a lot of work in the background. Those programs have periodic applications so look out for the announcements. Be aware that both programs have a lot more in them than simply early access, so if that's your only reason for joining they may not be for you.

In terms of saltiness, CCs, STs, Privateers, Editors, etc are not WG employees. So we have a good deal of freedom in what we say/do (as long as it doesn't break NDA). There are lines we can't cross, personal attacks, outright slamming WG, inappropriate behavior, etc. That just is a result of we in our roles are associated with WG, and so they don't want us doing things that reflect poorly on them. But as WG does't pay us that gives us a lot more freedom, especially the CCs whose whole thing is creative freedom. As long as CCs don't do anything inappropriate and don't break NDA they can do as they please. That leaves a wide range of content styles, so people can pick which one they like best. If you don't like a certain streamer, go watch another one. The reason there's so many styles of CC is because WG doesn't dictate everything. Flamu may be salty, but he's the biggest WOWS streamer, so I imagine WG can put up with the salt if he's bringing that many people to the game. Remember that restrictions like that are a slippery slope. OK, you can't shame players, but how do you draw the line between pointing out bad play and making fun of someone? Obviously you're entitled to your opinion, but in the end that's you, and you are free to go watch someone else. If you want a more relaxing stream IChasegaming is really laid back and very good, I've been enjoying his streams a lot the last few weeks.

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Administrator, Community Department, WG Staff
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Hey @Furrocka!!

I hope you are having a good Monday so far! In terms of becoming a CC and the standards WG has for their CCs, you can check out two resources: 

  1. NA Community Contributor Application - This will show you the base requirements to apply for CC as well as what we are looking for in CC content. 
  2. CC Page on the WoWs Website - You can see the strict rules and code of conduct we give to CCs on this webpage.

Of course, there are other ways to get involved in the community other than being a CC. Although our Super Testers applications are now closed, keep an eye out on the Community Volunteers Programs forums for when they re-open in the future! Also! Don't forget to take a look at this forum post on our Privateers Program. Members of the community can apply to become forum moderators, wiki editors, event organizers, and we are open to rewarding any other unique ways you can come up with the give back to the community. 

Thanks for posting this, and I hope my answer provided some clarity! :cap_horn:


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2 minutes ago, Furrocka said:

@Lonewolfpj , @desmo_2, @Sovereigndawg , @AJTP89 , @Mademoisail

Thank you all for your responses. Answered my question pretty well so again thank you. 

Great to hear! Tagging them so they get notified:

@Lonewolfpj @desmo_2 @Sovereigndawg @AJTP89 @Mademoisail

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As you can see there are some ways to contribute, but one way few players do is bug reports or just sending tickets to report user interface issues.

The game is always changing, but all of us contribute in some special way. Most of us ask tough questions, and as long as they are asked in a respectful manner,  you get the answers you seek.

WGNA strives each day to help and  they are number one in my book in terms of fun. That includes past and present staff over the years.

You will always find good help and the staff is always working on our feedback. The cycle of when it is implemented is slow, but that is something none of us can control.

It's good you asked. You pointed out the issues and they are in need of consideration. I feel that looking up stats to point out a player post battle from a loss is in poor taste. Unless it is in a positive manner. But it is a very fine line in a loss and is 99% blatantly negative.

This also reflects the maturity of the CC, blaming others for failure.

They can say that a viewer asked, but a CC has a responsibility to promote not just the game, but also to deter stat shaming. So a CC, if asked by a viewer to look up stats, then it is a staged attempt,  to shame a player without context and that player's defense.

I think if a player saw that about themselves, they would want to file a grievance.

Should any player feel they see stat shaming by a CC, report in the following manner. And believe me, it will be rectified.

File a complaint on Reddit, file a complaint on social media, file a complaint with the stream service, file a complaint to every sponsor the streamer has on their web page, file a complaint on the forums of the sponsor sites.

Get all those sent in if any player is stat shamed by a CC, you witness a player stat shamed in a CC stream that was encouraged by the streamer audience, and finally, go on your discords and tell others of this injustice.

By the time the CC is getting the message, the views will go down.

OP, just not watching is enough of a factor. Draw that line. If it looks like stat shaming. Walk away, file those complaints.

When players speak up in numbers about this and it seriously affects that streamer, it will take hold.

I am glad you didn't mention who. It is best to never give any recognition to bad behavior. Because bad publicity is just as good, as good publicity.  But no publicity means the perpetrator is relegated to obscurity.

I am glad you speak out. More people should. It takes courage to do so.

I am sure there are many CCs that are very good at what they do and are mindful of their behavior as such that they are not going to stat shame. They may point out some numbers for analysis to explain something, but so long as they say"we lost", then that is taking responsibility of the match and not blaming others.

I feel CCs should know that it doesn't matter if you lose a match. Never get down about that. Your viewers didn't come to see you just win. They came because they like you as a person and respect you for contributing to the community. They like your personality and charisma. They enjoy the banter. And the community likes that you stand up for things and are passionate about the game. CCs want to make the game better. 

But viewers don't care if you lose. Only that you gave it all you had and left it all on the battlfield. People always make mistakes, we are human after all.

So losing happens, winning happens, just play the game, have a few laughs, and be a pillar of the community.

We lost a few pillars lately, but they are also streamers that stand tall on thier own because of traits like integrity, wit, wisdom, courage to take up a righteous cause, and caring enough to give back more than they take.

While they are not CCs, they are much beloved for being who they are.

Genuine articles, mustangs of the seas, Rogue players that are warriors in heart and spirit.


So Say We All


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