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I'm starting to see a disturbing trend of DD's being the patsy for game losses.

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The incident took place last night, I went into cap and while capping encountered a Russian radar ship trying to stick his nose out in order to delete me, but instead I had already single launched torpedoes with surgical precision (Daring) at the edge of the island landing my torp torpedoes which force the enemy radar ship to take cover and use the repair party. He then tried to re engage me again and was set on fire by me with well place shells on his bow forcing him to retreat yet again. This forced him to use his 12 km radar and since I already successfully capped I felt it was time to find cover until the effect of radar was no longer active and as I was retreating out of cap I was met with team fire from cruiser in smoke (russian light cruiser) who was clearly losing emotional control in chat, looking at his health I notice he has maybe 15% HP left and somehow this delusional person must think I'm to blame for his misplay. As he is about to die I take more fire from him and in death cam tells everyone to report me which to me is abusing the reporting system as well as the WG community.

I contact him via messaging to better understand what just happened and was met with a rant and vile response about how I wasn't protecting the battleships which I might add are way behind the forward position. This all occurred in the span of the first few minutes of the match and can't be everywhere at once. This isn't the only story to tell, days earlier I was closing in on cap only to be radared which forced me to stop and go into reverse to take cover behind the end of the island, then shortly after I was met with team fire from a Thunder. The Thunder was a ways back and probably had no clue radar was in affect at my location. It seems like the DD's are always the scapegoat or patsy for when things go wrong and when the team starts taking big losses.   


WG has it ever occurred to you to place an radar icon over ships currently under the effect of radar or hydro so that ships behind the positions of affected ships are aware radar is currently in use?

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Wait! Wat? Let me call a few CV players in here, they'd want to hear this! 

More to the point, save the replay. Send in a ticket. Use the description above, keep it civil, black list them and move on. It works surprisingly well, actually, as the one thing I feel I can say with confidence is WoWS/WG does not condone is harassment. 

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