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Every Time I Try to Select my Sinop the Game Selects my Sims

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EDIT: Issue resolved. Restarting the game fixed it. The problem was that for some reason the game sold the Sinop when I told it to sell the Gaede... So every time I tried to sell the Gaede it was trying to sell the Sinop which was why I was getting transaction error. Every time I tried to select the Sinop it would send me to the Sims because the Sinop didn't exist in my port. Not an issue because I was probably going to sell it anyway.


As per the title. No mods installed. 

I select an unrelated ship


Just to show that I am selecting Sinop I set the filters to show only my Sinop


After selecting Sinop it brings me to the Sims... weird. This happens even if I don't set the filters just for reference


I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I was upgrading and selling ships before this and when I tried to sell my Gaede I got a transaction error (and every time I've tried since I still get a transaction error). Figured this wasn't too big an issue but this was the first thing that went wrong. Like I said, I have no mods installed. Not a huge deal but it's just really weird


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 There used to be an similar error in the Ship Comrade(WoWs subsidiary)tech tree, where if you selected the Jurien de la Graviere it took you to the American tree.

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