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don't play tier 6 early in the morning

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today and yesterday i thought it would be nice to play 1 game with the graf spee in the morning.

both matches full tier VI, 6 vs 6 with 2 cv's on both sides.

so much fun!

or just play a tier 6 cv and join the massacre.


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With a new line release that involves people getting to Tier 6 more easily and a new Tier 6 premium carrier being released, this was bound to happen. Matchmaker doesn't have enough players to work with at that hour, and this is the result. 

Tier 8 will be like this in a few weeks, when everyone's ground through their Weser and got the Parseval. What you're seeing is...

1) People who got the Rhein and ground through 40,000 BXP to be able to get the Weser on day 1.

2) People with > 40,000 XP on their Langley, Hermes or Hosho who suddenly found that the T6 bar had been lowered and they were able to take the jump up. (Bear in mind that all those Langleys, Hermes-es and Hoshos are now gone from the Tier 4 queue.)

3) People (some of whom overlap with groups 1 and 2 above) who bought the Loewenhardt and are flogging her bonus XP mission for all it's worth. You will see them persistently in-game until the end of September. If you don't like that, well...


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How early is early? If it is before 6am on the east coast I would think the server population is low. Add the CV event & some did get the T6 Weser I can see why you are having this bad experience. 

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