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Erich overview

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While many were excited for the release of the Pommern, I was more excited for the release of another ship... that's right! I was excited for the release of a new tier 6 premium belonging to everyone's favorite class, the Erich Loewenhardt. Why was I excited for this ship you might ask? well, its a premium CV in what I consider the best tier for CVs (tier 6, a tier that you don't have to face ridiculous t10 AA, nor is it low enough to be a dirty seal clubber). Not to mention it has stukas (more on that later).

One thing I did notice that was missing... not many people were talking about this ship. The only thing I heard about it is that it had HE bombs instead of AP bombs... and that's about it. In light of that, I decided I would write up a bit about playing it. Now I haven't had it for a long time (3 or 4 games lol), so this isn't so much a review or a how to play guide, more or less its just what the planes and the ship are, and how they felt when I played them. Hopefully this will give others more insight on the ship in case they would like to purchase one themselves.


First off, lets start with the planes:

Rocket Planes - If you played the normal german CV line then you already know what these are like. Basically they are the t8 rocket planes, but only 6 per flight (think Saipan rocket planes, higher tier but lower number).Not much else about them, they travel 157 (198 boosted) with the captain perk, 8 rockets per attack, 2350 damage per rocket. Same target issues as the main line. The one unique, and rather nice, thing about these planes is that they feel like the other nations tankier planes when facing same tier or lower ships.


Torp bombers - These bombers are the Achilles heel for this ship. They do low damage at 4200 (only 133 more damage than the normal German line and well under 1K less damage than the Americans and Japanese lines), only two torps per drop, but the BIGGEST issue with these torps is their speed. With a torp acceleration build (captain perk and upgrade) I only get 39knts out of these things, compared to over 60 on the main line torps. Even the planes themselves are junk, low HP and slow speed (136 norm 177 boosted). This is not a torp CV, but that's OK because the other bombers make up for it.


HE dive bombers - From what I can tell, these are the bread and butter to this ship. First the planes are tanky, with about the same HP as upgraded Shokoku dive bombers. Second, they are fast (160 norm, 201 boosted). Oddly enough that makes them faster than both the torp bombers and the rocket planes. Third, the bombs are not only HE, but they have 68MM pen, 12200 damage and 69% fire chance. They are even super accurate, so accurate that they take the roll of anti DD instead of the torp planes. The only downside is that you get 2 bombs per drop, and they have the stupid german aiming sights where the aiming circle is almost directly below your planes. You can't look at both the planes and the ship you are attacking (or flak you are dodging) at the same time until you are right on top of them. This is made worse by the fact that the aiming circle is small, unlike the normal line that has elongated aiming circles.

One thing to mention about these bombers, your aiming circle is fairly stationary while you are diving, but as soon as it turns green is rapidly moves forwards. To aim you have to start the drop away from the enemy ship and then aim during the drops, otherwise you'll likely to overshoot.

Next the CV. It has 5 X 2 105MM secondaries on the top (looks like normal 105MM german secondaries), and 8X2 150MM secondaries (4 on each side of the ship). They have 5KM standard range. I have not tried a secondary build on it yet, but for same or lower tier ships it looks promising. Otherwise it looks like a CV, I don't think it has a turtle back, but couldn't quite tell.


All in all, I think the ship has potential and the dive bombers are fairly fun.


A few quirks I've found, the rocket planes still have the weird German CV aiming issues, especially when a plane dies or when going over terrain. Also the HE bombs are called "AP SC 1000", which sounds like the naming convention for their AP bombs. As a final note, the Stukas do not look like they had their sirens on their landing gears, nor does it sound their sirens when diving. Kind of sad about that one.


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basically,from what i can currently see in game now.

AP rockets sucks,it's like the entire line only have torp bombs and dive bombers.

the dmg of the german CV line is very underwhelming.

graf zep and erich are literally better than their tech tree counterparts

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