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Skill Points Redistribution

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Hey Devs - if you wanna be aces in my book, allow me to respec individual skill lines instead of having  to respec the entire skill set of a captain. I'd get more enjoyment out of the game if I could tinker with my captains. It might even keep me playing longer. I get that it's an economic decision, but you can't get my doubloons if I'm not playing!   

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I think people would spend more if they could do skills individually. Of course they would have to have at least one skill on the preceding level level to change them and it would be a per skill point cost. It should cost slightly higher than if you reset the whole tree, maybe 30 doubloons or 15,000 EXP per skill point, so a level 3 skill would be 90 doubloons or 45,000 EXP to reset. Players wouldn't be spending the full 475 doubloons or 190,000 EXP to reset a 19 point commander, but at a slightly higher cost, doing it individually captains would probably switch skills more often than they do now and end up spending more in the long run. 30 doubloons and 15,000 EXP are just examples and the price increase may or may not be too steep. At the cost of 30 doubloons it would be 570 doubloons to do a full 19 point reset and it would be 285,000 EXP. In some cases the discount of resetting the whole line would be advantageous but if you just wanted to switch IFHE for AFT for example, it would be nice to be able to do just that for the extra cost per skill point reset, other wise I probably wouldn't reset the skill tree to just switch those two and would leave the ship like it is because of the wasted doubloons.

How about it @Hapa_Fodder does WOWs want to pull in some extra cash? Personally, I think you could leave it the same cost as a full reset 25 doubloons or 10,000 EXP per skill point and you would still make more money, people would just do it more often because it doesn't seem to hurt the savings as much.

You should always listen to your Cityzen's.

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