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Training discord/clan for new players or players looking to improve.

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So, after a bit of a hiatus, came back to WoWs. Was a bit shocking to see how the game(play) had changed, and not for the better in a lot of ways. I had created TEACH originally to help with just that: A clan for helping players, both new and experienced, improve their game play. Back then, there was a clan doing this, but do not remember who it was or if they are even still around. So now I am kicking the idea around again of getting this going. I would simply like to know if there is interest from you players that want to improve to have training rooms, forums, critiques of game plays, etc to work on improving your game play from good players on the NA WOWS server. Joining TEACH or SBS is NOT required at all. If interested, have suggestions or willing to help, feel free to respond here, PM me or jump on the TEACH/SBS Discord. https://discord.gg/8MbZptJ

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