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how low tier and mid tier coal ships are priced

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Having discovered the answer to this a little while, back I thought everyone else would interested to know.

WG seem to have taken the Doubloon price for the basic bundle of that ship(the ships itself, a 3 point captain, and a port slot) and multiplied it by 10 to get the coal price.

Cambeltown: (Coal Price: 19500, Doubloon Price: 1950)

Yubari: (Coal Price: 25500, Doubloon Price: 2550)

Marblehead: (Coal Price: 34000, Doubloon Price: 3400)

October Revolution: (Coal Price: 53500, Doubloon Price: 5350)

Aigle: (Coal Price: 49500, Doubloon Price: 4950)

Anshan: (Coal Price: 40000, Doubloon Price: 4000)

Blyskawica (Coal Price 51000, Doubloon Price: 5100)

The only one that breaks the trend is Charleston but I suspect that was done deliberately to make it more affordable to new players as their first premium ship.

Charleston: (Coal Price: 15000, Doubloon Price: 2300) 

Kirov while it has not been sold directly for cash, its pricing consistent with the pricing of the rest of the ships. If we look at the doubloon price of 3 of the latest tier 5 cruisers sold directly for cash (Exeter, Yahagi, and Genova), they each cost 4300 Doubloons which is consistent with Kirov's coal price of 43000. 






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You will find that the high tier ships break this trend - Georgia, for example, costs 228000 coal but her duplicate doubloon value (if you should do something so crazy as buy her twice from the premium store, or have her once and then win her somehow) is 19,000. But I'm guessing that's just a Tier 9 thing.

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