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Why is the Forum OFTEN Broken...???

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Sometimes the forum looks like I show in the Spoiler below or otherwise depending on the theme being used.

The forum will look like this and is completely "unusable", in "8" that's right EIGHT different browsers.
It looks like this in:
- Chrome
- 360Chrome
- Internet Explorer
- Microsoft Edge
- Microsoft Edge Canary
- Epic Privacy Browser
Two of the browsers the forum will look normal, that is:
- Maxthon 6
- Opera
However, in Maxthon when you try to "create" a Post, the Poll section will be missing and so will this Field that I'm typing in right now.
In Opera the Poll section will be there, but the field to type in will be missing.  (or maybe it's the other way around with these two browsers, can't remember now)

Anyway, there is a serious problem here....




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I've been having similar issues for the better part of a month, myself. If I turn off my ad blockers, that happens. If I don't, images largely don't load and sometimes replying to threads is impossible.

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