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Captain's Logbook descriptions

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I like the idea of the Captain's Logbook, giving players a view of the extra content they've collected while also teasing all the things they haven't yet. And I assume it helps drive WG's sales on the premium shop, particularly for the ships and bundles, as people try to fill out their collections. While it's impossible to 100% a game that's constantly adding new content, it definitely scratches an itch for some people.

But the descriptions of the items in the logbook are very hit or miss, ranging from paragraphs describing a particular battle to as little as a couple words or nothing at all. The ship descriptions are somewhat consistent, but the flags vary widely and most of the commanders, camos, and patches have nothing. A few tell you how they are/were awarded, which ought to be included in every description. This is a collector's log, after all.

There also seems to be little rhyme or reason to the "additional" and "rare" designations. For example, the Freedom camos for Cleveland and Baltimore are considered "additional" but the Freedom camo for California is normal. Even rewards from the same event are treated inconsistently, like the Bad Advice patch considered "additional" while the Cap commander is normal. The soccer jersey patches are "additional" while the hockey patches from the limited-time Ovechkin promo are normal, and the very pedestrian act of playing the game for one year awards a "rare" For Meritorious Service patch. And you'd think that all the premium-ship-specific patches that were only attainable from bundles for a limited time would be considered rare, but alas they're a normal part of the collection even if there's no way to get them now.

The logbook's sorting feature allows for some other categories that vary depending on which page of the logbook you're looking at, with the commanders page allowing you to sort by whether they're historically-based, were from an event, or fall into the vague "special" category. Flags have "award," "commemorative," and "special," although the differences between them seem unclear. It would be great to be able to sort by how they are earned (unlockable from collections, bought in ship bundles, participation in a one-time event, annual celebrations or holidays, randomly dropped from containers, Twitch missions or other tie-ins, etc.)

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