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Enterprise: Best Ranked CV and Part II of Cobi Build

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It feels like Enterprise has dominated Tier VIII Ranked for so long now.  I'm trying to remember if it was true in the RTS days also.  Tier VIII was a bit more sporadic before the CV Rebork, but the last Tier VIII Ranked before the Rebork was Sprint 10 which ended 2018-11-13.

Sprint 10 stats.

Ranked Seasons list.

When Sprint 10 came up, I was thinking Old School Graf Zeppelin was Enterprise's only CV rival, and when the stats loaded on the screen, sure enough, it was true.   IIRC from the RTS days, Enterprise won because in that era of finite CV aircraft, she had tons of fighters.  The other 55%+ WR ships were in this order, highest to lowest:  Tirpitz, Massachusetts, Enterprise, Kii, Prinz Eugen, Graf Zeppelin.


Again, this was RTS CV era.  Interestingly the only DDs that had a 50%+ WR were the two French DDs:  Le Fantasque and Le Terrible, both at around 52% WR.  All other DDs were worse, much worse, and alarmingly so.  Lo Yang was the next highest at 45.02% WR, and from there, all other DDs fell off the cliff.  Kidd had a 29.52% WR.  Not even her Repair Party and killer AA saved her.  Cossack at 30.19%.  Akizuki 39.47% and Lightning at 37.08%.

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