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For those interested, the prep for moving the USS Texas has begun! The Covid-19 epidemic may have slowed things down, but not stopped the work. There is a lot of work ahead of the BTF, and she still isn't being moved (yet).


Per the BTF's site:


Battleship Texas Update

It has been a hot minute since our last update, and in the meantime, there has been a lot happening around and on the ship. We were notified by TPWD last Thursday that the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) approved the restoration plan for the ship and that on August 1, 2020, the operations of the Battleship Texas would be under the direction of the BTF. August 1st will start a chapter in the history of the ship -one of a public/private partnership to ensure will ensure the future of the grand lady is bright and that she thrives for the next 106 years. Speaking of this big blue battleship’s future, today, we take a very big step in getting her to the shipyard. Valkor (project management and engineering team) and Resolve Marine are mobilizing today to begin the tow prep for the ship. No, this doesn’t mean we are going to tow her away tomorrow. It will take about 90 days for the major preparations to be made and a few weeks before towing final tow prep will happen. No, we don’t have a date for the tow -we’ll definitely keep you updated on that.We know that y’all are curious about how we are going to move the battleship. Well, simply put, we are going to fill the blister tanks (the tanks that are on the outside of the ship and have been a constant source of flooding) and some select interior tanks with closed-cell foam. Now as simple as that sounds, it is not very simple or quick. Prior to each tank being foamed, it has to have as much water pumped out of it as possible (to maximize the volume of foam and minimize the water volume), the tanks will have plastic sheeting draped over any standing water and on any areas we don’t want the foam to stick), and finally the foam is sprayed in. All while at the bottom of a 45’ ladder and in a tank that may or not is heavily deteriorated and in 100 plus degree heat and humidity. There is a bit more than that goes into it, you get the idea.Okay, so you ask why foam? Well, the foam has been used widely in the maritime world because it has the advantages of being buoyant, displacing volume, will give some structural strength back to the tanks, and is removable and less damaging to the ship. We will be removing the foam in the shipyard and have done several tests to ensure that it can be removed (high-pressure water removes it very well). Speaking of testing, we did several tests to ensure that the foam would not cause more holes or stress on the ship or just generally make things worse. Most of these were small scale tests that culminated in about 9’ of foam being installed in a blister tank about a month ago. After observation, we are very pleased with how that foam trial turned out. Now, you might ask how much foam? We plan to install upwards of 900,000 gallons of expanded foam in as many as 47 tanks. It is not a million cans of Great Stuff, but rather a more industrial foam that is delivered as two separate liquids that are mixed when it is sprayed. Now, as to the next topics, y’all want to know about: shipyard and new homeport. Do to commercial negotiations and considerations, all we can say about the shipyard is that we have a Letter of Intent (LOI) with a shipyard. The BTF/Valkor team (particularly Valkor) has done a tremendous amount of work to get us to this point. Once the contract has been signed, we will let you all know who and where the shipyard is. Now, on the new homeport, we can say that we will begin interviewing interested parties on August 6th to hear their proposals. This is just the initial round, and we plan to have conversations with other interested parties. Again, until the finalist locations are narrowed down, we are not going to comment on where these potential locations are. We want to apologize for the slowness of updates – we try to give them when there is information to report. Just like the rain in Texas, there are periods of no rain and then it pours. So, all we can say is holdfast. We are going to keep you updated as often as we can with solid information.


Plastic sheeting being placed over the water we could not pump out.


Aft bulkhead of the trail tank with 9′ of foam in it. To the left is the original hull and to the right is the exterior skin blister and ship the channel.



Forward bulkhead of the trail tank with 9′ of foam in it. To the right is the original hull and to the left is the exterior skin blister and ship the channel.



The first batch of foam being unloaded.

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Wow! Thanks for the update. I'm glad there are plans to take care of the Texas in the state she is in. That's a whole lotta foam to fix the leaks.

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