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Naval Legends code today: CURTISSLEGACY

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Thanks for the code.

Listen fellas, the video is a worthwhile watch. It's really well done. Looks like some bona fide Military Channel stuff. I'm not sure how many of us will make it to West Coast, San Diego and to see Midway if we did. Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola is awesome but probably ain't happening for a lot of people. Going to Greece to see the "G#&$+36kp" prob isn't even on a lot of bucket lists. These videos show you the cool stuff and skips some of the less interesting aspects. Plus no traffic, parking, long lines, screaming kids, selfies or sticky handrails. Best of all it anime and cosplay free!! That's right, oddly extraterrestrial cartoon girls and no green hair, goth chicks wearing fox ear headbands!  Anyway, I watched it for the code. Missed the code. Re-watched it and still enjoyed the second viewing.

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