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Returning Player: Getting up to Speed

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Hello, I fell off the game gradually a month or so after the CV rework due to the spotting of planes and how hard it was to reliably kill them anymore even on my formerly good AA ships. Now after coming back it seems planes are dying more reliably, and CVs aren't in quite every match which is more comfortable.

How have balance changes gone in the last year or so? I heard about IFHE changes, how does that affect atlanta, secondary bbs like the germans and massa from the usn?
Did they revert the aa bubble changes from the CV rework? after rework the planes stopped being hit by long range aa when they entered medium range and so on, now the wiki says they do overlap again, but only flak bursts end at the edge of the medium bubble. Is this true? If so, cool.

Also a quick TL:DR on the strengths and weaknesses of the UK CVs and any lines after them would be appreciated, thank you!

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45 minutes ago, Gramzon_the_Dragon said:

I heard about IFHE changes, how does that affect atlanta, secondary bbs like the germans and massa from the usn?

IFHE now reduces your fire chance by 50% and only grants 25% extra pen vs. 30%. They also changed the HE pen rule from “must be greater than” to “greater than or equal to,” along with increasing tier VI-VII BB plating from 25 to 26mm as a result of this. Basically:

1) 127mm guns can only pen 26mm now with IFHE. This, combined with the fire chance change, makes IFHE on Atlanta much more questionable since she can no longer pen 27mm of armor. The same applies to Massachusetts’ secondaries - IMHO IFHE is no longer worth it on secondary spec USN BBs like Mass and Georgia.

2) German cruiser and BB 150mm and 128mm base pen was increased to 38mm and 32mm, respectively, due to the rule change. This, combined with the fire chance nerf, means IFHE is generally not worth it on secondary builds anymore.

3) Tier VIII+ cruisers with 150-155mm guns and IJN 100mm guns had their base pen increased to 30mm. This means these ships can pen same tier cruisers without IFHE, but IFHE is still required (with a larger fire chance penalty than before) to pen battleships. IFHE is no longer a no-brainer for these ships.

4) 152mm-armed cruisers at tier VII and below took a big hit. With the change to IFHE, they can only pen 31mm with the skill, meaning they can no longer pen tier VIII+ BB plating. These ships did not get the same base pen increase as their higher tier counterparts. However, with the change in the HE pen rule, they can now pen 25mm armor on high tier cruisers (25mm of pen vs 24 before the change), but the change to mid-tier BB plating means they still need IFHE to pen tier VI-VII BBs.

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Ok if you left just after CV Rework I will try and get you up to speed on all the changes that come to mind since then.

AA feels a lot better at defending ships than it was early on after the CV Rework.

IFHE changes have not made secondary gun BBs unplayable at all. They are still good even with a IFHE.

Can’t say much about Atlanta because I don’t own one,but my Flint can still work well with hiding in smoke, setting fires, and even doing some torpedo hits.

Big change at the moment has been the Russian CAs tiers 8-10 all getting 12km Radar which can get annoying at times. But has made them priority marked targets for ships to take out. So for the moment the annoyance from those in minimized.

The New German CVs have amusingly good secondary guns, although not as good as Graf Zepplin secondary guns. The new CVs also feature AP rocket armed planes that can do citadel damage to cruisers if they are able to hit them completely side on. But their planes get low HP so their aircraft losses tend to be really high.

Musashi and Jean Bart were removed from sale. 

A CL called Smolensk was added for a while to the Armory, but was deemed OP by some so it was removed from sale. It has good AA, good heals, ok torpedoes that rarely hit anything, choice between Hydro or Def AA, but lacks Radar and the armor is thin. And initially DDs feared it until they realized without radar and smoked up its blind to approaching DDs so often it gets torpedoed to death unless the Smolensk has really good support around it to prevent this.

UK CVs the CV itself tends to be better armored than other CVs, their Aircraft HP is also higher, but they tend to scatter rocket attacks more, they only get HE bombs, and I forget what the drawback on their torpedo are.

We have a UK Heavy Cruiser Line that seems balanced enough when fighting against them. Using them some hate them and some like them as they have their quirks in using them. But at least the are not OP and instead fit fight in

Italian CAs were added, but tend to be really bad to use until you get tier 8+ in the line thanks to how vulnerable to citadels they are and can’t set fires with SAP or AP shells.

Russian BB line was added with 50mm “Icebreaker” bow armor and can be a pain in the neck to deal with during head on bow tanking, but catch them side on and they will citadel quite nicely often enough. Plus their guns are pretty inaccurate long range, only becoming accurate at around 12km range or less.

The European Nation DDs feature Hydro, Def AA, good guns, great AA, super fast torpedoes that only deal low damage to balance out their speed. They all lack smoke except the Friesland which gets smoke, but lacks torpedoes.

French DDs were added and are not all that stealthy, they lack smoke, lack good AA, have short to mid range torpedoes, they have high speeds and are very good gunboats that also get Main Battery Reload Boosters to give them short bursts of withering Fire.

Wargaming also recently exceeded the gun caliber limit of 18.1 inches by adding Shikishima featuring 2x3 guns of 20 in caliber as well as very good secondary and AA guns. The drawback are only 6 shells per salvo and instead of using the Design A-150 hull from what the ship is inspired from, they instead used Yamato hull with main turrets switched out with the secondary and AA guns changed as well. So any brawling must be done carefully as it has all the weaknesses of the Yamato class hulls. Plus you only will see this ship once in a while thanks to it being the most expensive steel ship in the game. I only have one of these thanks to saving steel for a long time and not buying most of the other steel ships.

Also have been some unique Commanders added that can enhance a ship’s performance rather nicely that you would want to check this out.

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