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Fire Chance Rework

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Hello all!

Today, I will be discussing the damage over time effects that are currently in the game, or rather, fire damage. Now, I know that DoT has been reworked in the past, but I believe that it needs to be reworked once more, since fire damage appears to be more of a decisive factor in determining the downfall of most larger surface combatants, and, excepting the occasional slam dunk pot-shot or potato play, it would appear that there are no other deciding factors that can so drastically influence the outcome of a game.

As such, here are my ideas for reworking fire damage

Idea 1: Fire Chance cap.

Capping the fire Chance by shell caliber, i.e 5 percent maximum for shells less than 127mm in caliber, 10 percent for less than 180mm in caliber, so on and so forth. These are just examples, but a more well thought out Fire Chance bracket will limit the amount of DoT that a single ship will be capable of inflicting. 

Idea 2: Demo Expert Rework

Have Demolition Expert make ships pay an HE shell penetration penalty for the extra fire chance, meaning that ships like Smolensk cannot farm battleship Superstructures without IFHE if they spec Demo Expert.


That's all I have for now. I'll be expanding this later.


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Consider the following as a counter argument:

Most people don't know how fires function and often can't set more than 1 or 2. The strength of fire damage lies in being able to force a DCP, then  focus  on specific spots  to get the most out of fire. On moving targets unless you know how to "walk" your fire this can be pretty difficult. 

Firechance is pure RNG. I'm sure everybody gets battles where each salvo sets a fire, but more often than not this isn't the case. Consider my Friesland, with Demo Expert and signals, so 11% fire chance. Consider I'm firing at a Yamato with a 0.5 fire coefficient. My 11% fire chance just became 5.5%. I have battles with 100 or more shells fired, for zero fires. It's just how RNG works, only people tend to notice more the moments they were set on fire instantly instead of how many tens of shells it took to be set on fire.

Last, damage saturation means that as the battle goes on, fires are the only semi reliable way to get damage done. Especially at tiers VIII where bowtanking is so prevalent, it's often the only choice versus BBs. 

HE and fires are by no means perfectly balanced, nor are they the best thing for the game, but they are a necessary evil in a game of even more broken things.

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