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Harder to enjoy the game after every patch

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I just would like to hear when the developers planned the future of this game and how they was thinking when someone came with the bright idea to get another bunch of russian cruisers with 12km radar in the game??

As a dedicated DD player my playing experience went from having some great games to to having 80-90% crapgames with almost 1 or 2 russian radar cruisers in every game and even worse with also 1-2 CV:s in the same game or some american 10km radar cruisers.

If you are going to continue this road with more and more insane cruiser ships then you will totally kill the fun in this game. Take a step back and think again please.

/Regards Cosmokramer 

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Maybe you need to take a break?

Short duration, 12km Soviet radar is pretty easy to work around, considering they'll only get a salvo or two at best downrange to you.  

Long duration American radar is much more of a challenge to deal with.

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