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Who wants to be a forum mod?

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Standby for words from the Chief.

As you all know, we have a fantastic team of volunteer moderators who help keep these forums both active, engaged, and help make sure the content shared on the forums support our forum guidelines.

These folks deserve our gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work they continue to do. Their personal time has been dedicated to more than just playing the game or engaging in the forums.

With that said, I’d like to announce that we are opening the application for new volunteer moderators to join the team. If you are interested in applying for the moderation team please fill out this application.

Now, it is my honor, and privilege to introduce these volunteers.


Greetings! I am LancerUlysses. I have been one of the volunteer moderators around these waters for some time! I see my role is to make the World of Warships Forum a better place to engage with other players and help keep this community a vibrant and creative place to share our love of shooty boats.  I started playing back in May 2017, and as the owner of a small retail shop, had some spare time and income.

I have become a bit of a collector of ships. I play a lot of Co-op but also a certain amount of Random and Scenario battles, perhaps my favorite game mode. I am very into USN BB trivia, as well as naval history in general. While I am by no means an above-average player, I have been around the block so-to-speak, and love to talk strategy with folks. I look forward to helping on the Forums!


Hello Colleagues!

To start I will say that I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I work in graphic design and photography. I started playing WoWs about 4 years ago and I think it's great how the game has grown. I use all types of ships, although the CV does very well hahahaha. I have a lot of fun in a division with friends So, whenever you want, you can invite me. 

I joined for the volunteer moderator to help and guide the users of the Forum, especially those of Spanish and Portuguese. If you have any questions, ask and I will gladly help you.

Sometimes I upload videos to YouTube explaining events, tutorials, and some gameplays. http://www.youtube.com/c/SainzPhotosTV


Salutations! I am ManWantsSteel, SuperTest Coordinator for PC & Console, Clan CST Leader and one of the few Forum Moderators!

I’m semi-active here on moderation as I have more focus towards testing the future versions of the game but I am certainly alive here. It’s been more than a year since we started moderating, I am glad that the program I recommended is doing so well to make the forums moderated.

We work hard to give fair moderation, and we regularly discuss the reports that we receive.


Hey all,

I’ve been a moderator for game sites for a long time, including game mod programs. I started playing WoWs during the end of closed beta and fell in love with the game. From the beautiful ships and environments to the fun gameplay, I knew I was hooked. I am obsessed with World War 2 sea battles, so WoWs made sense! I joined the moderation team to give back to the community and the new players.

Currently, I work as an employment consultant in Australia, where I assist people applying for sustainable, suitable, and stable jobs to move away from government assistance programs, which helped me learn a lot about how to work with online communities – the job required empathy, and that is a key aspect of being a moderator.


Hello everyone,

I am NAVYSEABEEPETE  and a forum moderator for awhile now.I am the Clan founder of North American Militia.I have been gaming since 1999.I am here to help keep the forums a friendly atmosphere for everyone.I am on the east coast and i am accessible by discord by cell and my PC so you can message me anytime if you have question.

I have been playing ships since the beginning of closed beta.I am not the best player but I do learn  and enjoy having fun along the way.So have fun and enjoy yourself and besafe.


Hey all!  Just call me Dewey!

Started with WG material with tanks WAY back and then ran Closed Beta on up with WoWS.  I've been around the forums a long time, I just was very picky about what I posted so while my post count isn't high, that's because I make sure if I post something, it's worthwhile!!!  I also decided that I wanted to do my part in trying to help the Warship community be positive and productive so I decided to volunteer to help on the forums.  I also enjoy helping out with questions or tracking down answers when they come up.   

Glad to be part of the forums and to help out the community!  Good luck to all the captains and may your shells find steel and your torps hit home!


Sup fellow captains,

I am mfumukoskoldpadda (say that three times fast), I have been in the moderation game for a while and may have seen me on other WG related discords (both official and community)such as WoT, and you can also find me in the somewhat new WoWS official discord! I have been with the WoWS community since OBT, but never got really involved until the second CorgiFleet event, and have gotten ever more involved in the community, I have @SuperNikoPower to thank for that.  I joined with the mod squad as to me it was and is a great way to help and give back to the community I am so deeply involved in now since at the time I was already giving back to one community (WoT) and was looking for a way to do the same with wows.  

I am glad that I signed up for this role and glad to be here giving back to the community and plan to do so for quite some time. I cant wait to see some of the new faces for the team.
Gouda luck and fair cheese captains!  07

My name means Hyper Turtle when translated, it's Swahili (mfumuko) and Swedish (skoldpadda).


Hey guys!! I have been pretty involved in the game for what feels like ages now :D having a podcast before, running around with streamers, being part of the forumites here. Nowadays I just keep myself to testing the game thought ST and CST and moderating the forum and Official WoWs discord. Just like mfum I have been pushed to getting more into the community by SuperNikoPower. 

I have been dubbed the nicest moderator here so if you have any questions or anything please don't hesitate to ask!

That is all.




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