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NA Community Contributor Application

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Do you make World of Warships content?

Do you run a blog, podcast, stream, or video channel?

Do you help other players in the community with their naval conquests?

Do you want to help the World of Warships team review and showcase upcoming content for the game?


You may be a fit for the World of Warships Community Contributor program! We are pleased to announce the new evergreen application. Instead of having application seasons, you can submit your application and materials at your own convenience up to once every three months. This means we will be accepting new CCs on an “as needed” basis rather than by application season.

Not sure what a CC does? Check out the list of our current CCs to get a feel for the caliber of the content we are looking for: Community Contributors Master List.

Think you are ready to apply? Review the criteria on how we chose CCs!

  • Quality and originality of your content
  • Potential to grow in terms of content and community
  • The number of followers and subscribers on your channels
  • If we see that you make great content but are lacking subscribers, we're still interested!

The base requirements to become a CC are below.

  • You must have existing content for World of Warships to be considered for the program.
  • YouTube - Monthly average of 300 or more views per video/stream on YT and 1200 total monthly views for the last 90 days.
  • Twitch - Have an average of 30+ viewers per WoWs stream on Twitch & a minimum of 2 streams a month for the last 90 days.
  • If your content is on a different type of media, it will be assessed separately - please provide appropriate statistics as part of your application.
    • Suggested for Website: Visitor hits, visitor growth, etc
    • Suggested for Podcasts: Download rates, number of listeners, etc

Disclaimer: Even if you do meet these requirements, it does not constitute a guaranteed acceptance into the Program.

The regional manager will then assess your application and supporting content and decide on your application. This can take some time to occur, however, once completed the decision will be communicated to you over Forum PM. If you are declined, we will provide you some advice and areas to work on going forward.

Thank you for showing your interest in the NA CC Program! Please follow the link below to begin your application! 


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127 posts

Hey, guys!

I would like to let everyone know that there are multiple pages to the NA CC Application. Make sure that you complete the application to be considered for NA CC. 

  1. Title Page 
  2. General Questions Page
  3. Personal Questions Page
  4. Content Questions Page
  5. After you submit by clicking "Finish", you will see a page thanking you for your application. :) 

We will only be accepting completed applications, so please double-check that you filled everything out! 


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