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FPS Drops Since KM CV Patch?

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Prior to that patch, I was running max settings, super smooth. No problems.  After that patch, every several minutes game just hangs up... turns into a slideshow for a couple seconds... fps drops into the teens... then everything "catches back up".  Its really annoying, bordering on game breaking.

Has anyone else experienced this? Even in other games? Hints on how to correct problem? I've tried mods, no mods, different graphical settings, fullscreen, fullscreen borderless windowed, made sure the game was running on the RTX not onboard, etc... 

Not sure if related or not but the same patch my discord stopped recognizing it as a game entirely. As in, its not even available to add in manually to show as my status when im playing it.  

It seems minor, but these FPS drops are a huge deal and killing the game for me.  Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Specs: RTX2080MaxQ, Driver 451.67, i7-9750H, 16gb ram, 2560x1440 85hz

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It seems like every update some have problems. I suggest reporting the problem.

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