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CV spotting rebalance idea

Rebalance CV spotting mechanics to minimap only  

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In light of the Clan Battles limitation of either 1 CV or 1 BB, the spotting mechanics of the CVs are decidedly very powerful, and unsurprisingly seem to be drawing much scrutiny as being very frustrating when shells land on your ship from unknown assailants when the only thing you see (or maybe you dont) are some aircraft buzzing around outside of AA range..


I have a suggestion for a simple solution: Why don't we treat ships spotted by CV aircraft the same way as ships initially spotted by a teammate's radar--ie. visible on the minimap, but not visible in the binoculars/not directly targetable? I mean, it's not like aircraft in that era had any IC3 targeting communications gear like they do today.



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Too simple, too easy. Too. :cap_haloween: Otherwise, I feel, it would have been done by now. 

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When team mates are not relying on planes for spotting, then maybe.

When random team mates shoot at ships which are spotted, then maybe.

When random team mates ACTUALLY READ THE MINIMAP, then maybe.

Until then, no.




This is a long dead horse. This is not a 'solution'...this is just yet ANOTHER poorly thought out bandaid to the absurd and broken binary spotting mechanic that curses this game.

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