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How to Pensacola?

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Hello again everyone!

Following up from yesterday's ship-post about my adventures with Hercule Mogador, I acquired enough credits and FXP to skip the grind on the Phoenix and the Omaha, and go straight to the Pensacola. Problem is, I'm not sure how to play it.

Now, @DolphinPrincess has been very kind in providing a build for me to work with, and I have tried to mimick it to the best that I can with the sole USN Captain I had lying around, which happened to be an 11 pointer. So far, from the sole game that I have played, I have found the Pensacola to be a bit of a glass cannon. The 10 203mm guns hit extremely hard, with a good HE and AP alpha and a decently quick reload, but I find the Turret Traverse to be a bit glacial for a cruiser. I can bow-tank some BBs, but I still find the ship to be a bit squishy. 

So, if any of you play the Pensacola, no matter if you are a super-unicum or a decent player, could you please give some advice?

Thanks in advance.

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 Maybe this is bad advice and im sure other players  will  be able to confirm or refute what im about it say, but what works for me is taking the incoming fire indicator  perk.

 I dont know how standard that is for cruisers but for the squishy ones like the pensi,  knowing exactly  when someone has open  fired on you will allow you to angle youself  in a way that will  prevent damage.  The pensi isnt the quickest but it is a godsend.


  Also play at range. The pensi does have a lot of punch to it so  worrying about ap penetration  shouldnt be a huge concern. keep things  as far away from you as possible  (within your firing range of course)   this will give you the little bit extra time to turn into or away from the shooter, and  be ready to change target frequently.

 Sustained  damage  isnt really possible with somthing like the pensi unless your targeting  tiers lower than yourself. So dont be afraid to abandon  targets in favor of your own survival.


 Otherwise,  i feel like  everything  else is just keeping up situational awareness which generally  just comes from experience  i think.

  The pensi and i  get along pretty well so  this is generally  how i go about playing it.

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Yup, she is a bit of a glass cannon, which makes positioning key. Make sure you use your minimap, and don't focus too hard on one target. Flanks are good for you, as you need to make sure you're angled to all BBs and not under fire from multiple enemies.

She is good for pushing lone light cruisers and occasionally DDs when you have help. Otherwise, you want to dance around the edge of your concealment lighting bbs on fire and dissuading smaller ships from pushing.

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Advise saying you should ‘fight’ at longer ranges only works if if you aim is worth a damn at said ranges. (Mine isn’t.)

I tend to fight as close as I can, but I abuse terrain mercilessly.

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