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No Broadsides - Le Sigh

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In case you are new to the game, there is a phrase you need to know: "No Broadsides". I've also heard it said as "No Longsides". What does that mean, Herr Reitz? 

It probably means I'm in your match, playing carrier, watching our team get soaked because every swinging you-know-what is driving in front of the reds with the long side of their ship exposed. 

When you do this, I think it would be a great buff to the game if a "SHOOT ME! SHOOT ME NOW!" flashed over your ship with a big red bullseye glowing on your hull.

Gosh... I cannot tell you how many ships you see get nuked when playing carrier simply due to the tease, the exposure of the broadside/longside of a ship. Ship type doesn't matter either... every ship type is vulnerable to the broadside shot. 

So my advice - and you know I have a lot of it because I'm full of it - my advice is keep yer eyes on the minimap as much as possible so you know where the reds are located. Maybe if you think about it this way it will help...

You are floating along in a big, bright red balloon on the water. Those red things you see on the mini-map can puncture your balloon. Enough punctures and down you go. Drive your balloon so they cannot puncture your balloon but you can puncture their balloon. It's balloon on balloon out there folks. 

And you do need a bit of patience too... which comes with experience - but I can say this:

PVE (you know, fighting bots) tactics do NOT work in randoms. Charging forward to blast everything in sight? No workie, wookie. 

Have fun out there but remember - no workie, wookie. 


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