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Armchair Admirals: Arctic Convoys & PQ-17

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Join us live next Friday on the second episode of our historical talk show. This time, Jingles, Drachinifel, and Tuccy will discuss the Arctic convoys of WWII.

Read it on the portal

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The last one was very good.  I look forward to this next one. 

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Why don't you guys discuss your business model and how you paywall content even after people pay for a year of premium at $120 a year yet you release virtually no content compared to pretty much any decent game company that only charges between $60-$80 for the base game and around $40 for the DLC and those are one time payments and they support their games for years with no further payments from the customers who have already paid and most do release at least some free DLC and keep their online multiplayer running for a decade or more.

Explain how your company's overhead is so high that you have to charge such a high price to run a game with worse graphics, less content, very high subscription premium cost, extremely high priced ships that can only be bought with premium currency and that PVE battles reward very little reward compared to PVP battles and that this was done on purpose with the logic being boring vs challenging as I was told during a livestream by one of the moderators.

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Ok first off love the stream and everyone involved ie: dach and Jingles, second I’d like to see the raid on Dieppe August 19, 1942. Biggest raid disaster if there ever was one. Lack of communication from all three branches of military. Poor planning, or was it just bad luck that they were spotted before they could launch the raid. This and more I’d like to see on the stream.

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