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Totally not scientific but........

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Today has been W_E_I_R_D_!

Grinding my Jerzy so it's DD day.    Usually I am on the Halland and winning at least 7 out of 10 and in the top 3 on the board.  Been running the Ostogot as well but not as many wins.

Today 0 for 10 in the Halland topped the loser board more than once with major scores.

Can't lose in the Ostogot.

T-10 is lemming city and I can't get a team that will play the game. ( I meant to get a few hilarious Island meeting screenshots but I was busy trying to carry ) . 

 I drop down to a T-9 and the teams are on fire and great games. 

I know it can't just be a one tier drop but I am getting Hydro and Radars non-stop at 10 and since there seems to be fewer DDs I have to push early or my team just runs away as if the Red circle will melt their hulls.

Like I said . Weird.

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When stuff like that happens, moving 3+ tiers away tends to fix it right up. Changes more and more of the ship pool until you're left with players unlikely to be the same pool at all by a 5 tier difference.

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I finished the Directives for the Odin.

I will now start playing the Smolinsk, Helena, Scharnhorst, Bismarck,Tirpitz,and Goliath again.

I love these ships for Elite Capt Exp. building.

They all give good games, something to write home about.

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