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American cruisers and destroyers.

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try looking here. if thats not what you are looking elsewhere on the site, almost everything ypu need should be there, but as always experiance isnthe best teacher. http://blog.worldofwarships.com/tag/tactics/?filter=alltime


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American destroyers need to be in knife fighting range. 4.5km with their torps means you are not doing alot of range duels. Even at higher tiers, the American DD's will have shorter range torps than their Japanese counterparts.


As for the American cruisers. Well they are interesting. St Louis at tier 3 is fun to shoot so ofeten with all the guns it carriers, but it's a slow poke, So you need to plan in advance where you are going, and it's less capable of fast reaction responses. hoenix, and Omaha are fun because like the Japanese cruisers they carry torps. Then once you get into the Cleveland, you are simply a gun boat Brawler.


Baltimore could use some tweaking, but the Des Moin, North 'hammy' 'pepsi-cola' are all solid.


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