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Wargaming refuses to compensate my bonus

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Hello everyone!

I'm making a post on the english part of the forum, since I didn't had any help on the Portuguese section of the forum. Essencialy I"m having the same problem Indian players had on EU server, that is the 200% coupon only giving a portion of the paid doubloons. According to reddit the problem was cause because the coupon mistakenly gives the bonus as a discounted doubloon value , this occur because of the regional pricing differences that also apply to NA server, however at the end of the day if i paid for 12500 doubloons and used the coupon I should still receive my 3x bonus, which i didn't!

I only got 17.326 of the 25.000 bonus. When I contacted customer support the response I got was that the bonus is calculated from a HIDDEN conversion of BRL to DOLLAR and the value of doubloons in dollars was applied.It's quite infuriating because i have the exact problem as the reddit link below.



This is the response in portuguese from WG Customer Support:


This is the pack i bought, as you can see there is no discount on it.


What should i do? Customer service hasn't replied in 17 hours already.


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Can you help him out ??? Its confusing to me, maybe you can solve the OP's issue faster then we the community.

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as far as I know the issue should now be resolved. Sorry fir the delay

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If your trying to get popular support on this forum for your currency value problems you're barking up the wrong tree.  Your probably correct in your complaint and I hope things work out in your favor.

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