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Spotting Aircraft displayed as Fighters on the Minimap

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Issue: Any spotting aircraft launched is displayed as ship-launched fighters on the minimap. This occurs on aircraft launched by the player as well as allies. This occurs even on ships that have Spotting Aircraft without the option to switch to fighters. I cannot confirm or deny if this happens to enemy spotting aircraft.

Expected result: The spotting aircraft is displayed on the minimap as spotting aircaft.

How to Replicate: Equip Spotting Aircraft. Enter a battle. Launch Spotting Aircraft. Observe minimap.


All mods were removed for screenshots on 0.9.6 live server.

Bug affecting Georgia, premium BB


Bug affecting Brindisi, tech tree cruiser


Bug affecting Mikoyan, ship with Spotting Aircraft that does not have the option to switch to Fighters.


For screenshots of the intended behavior from 0.9.5 live, see my post and initial report from the 0.9.6 PTS Bug report thread, found here:


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