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If I wanted to play with bots I'd play Co-Op. (Get bots outta my randoms)

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These are my opinions, and im starting this thread to hear YOURS

1) i understand there a "less traffic" times on servers. I'll wait. i'm not a little [edited]. i'll wait 5 minutes for a 5v5 cuz those are super refreshing at 2am after playing 10v10-12v12 matches for several hours

2) when there's more bots than players....just call it co-op and reduce rewards. that's what it is.

3) I enjoy alot of T4 ships, i don't think of myself as a seal-clubber cuz i don't win enough. but the introduction of bots makes me never want to play T4 again. and that just feels bad. i understand what the CV haters feel like: this is thoroughly unenjoyable for me and i don't want to play with them anymore.

What do you all think?

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1) There is no such word as "alot". You should know that. You've done at least a few years of school, right?

2) Other people don't want to wait five minutes, so bots are put in. You're not happy as a result. If bots are removed, others will be unhappy that they have to wait a long time for a match. The best solution is to let people choose if they want bots in Random Battles or if they're willing to wait. But then people will ask to be allowed to choose to not have any humans on their team in Bot Battles, and to not have any carriers in Random Battles, and so on. So what's WG to do?

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Doesn't win enough and doesn't consider himself a seal clubber yet sports a 54% win rate in T4 ships...lol.

As Barnacle already mentioned it was implemented due to constant requests to have full matches by many other players. So don't know why you are crying about additional XP you can earn in randoms.

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