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Just Getting Ready For Monday, That's All.

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Thought someone might get a kick out of this. Stuff was getting scattered so I put it in 1 doc. I'll delete it when it's done.


Shipbuilding current:
Phase 15. Rewards to collect = 4 days premium, 7.5k coal, 10k fxp, 10 camo, $7.5M, 4 containers. Flags = 10,10,etc.
Double check the eventual collection to make sure you got everything.

dockyard directives week 6, got 0 of 7:

0/140,000 Total XP. Tier VII-X - 1 token. (got forced premium coming)
0/55 "Destroyed" ribbons. Tier VII-X - 1 token. (co-op at the end)

0/320 "main battery hit" or "secondary battery hit" (easy)
0/60 "Aircraft shot down" or captures. (oster w campaign or oland in co-op w campaign.)
0/15,000 Free XP (small boosts w prem is enuf)

---------------------that's 5.

0/2.6M dmg. BB ONLY. (medals for campaign)
0/15 Medals. BB ONLY. RANDOM ONLY.

0/2.4M dmg. CA ONLY. (german mission w campaign)
0/15 Medals. CA ONLY. RANDOM ONLY.

0/2.05M dmg. DD ONLY. (campaign)
0/15 Medals. DD ONLY. RANDOM ONLY.

0/2.05M dmg. CV ONLY.
0/15 Medals. CV ONLY. RANDOM ONLY.

-------------------------------------now the [edited].

2600 base xp in 1 battle w BB.
2.7M pot dmg in 1 battle w CA.
165k dmg in 1 battle w DD.
170k dmg in 1 battle w CV.
              CARRIERS DIRECTIVE 2: Do all at once. Need 5.

Tiers 5-10:
0/10 spots
0/9 caps or defended
0/2.8M creds includes ops.
0/30 incapacitates or cits. = container. (Salem)

0/80k CXP includes ops = container. (DDs already using boosts. easy)
0/14M pot dmg, no ops.

180k dmg in 1 battle - Random only.
10 cits in 1 battle - Random only.

ok it's a trick.
4 chains, in order, but can do all 4 at once. That means tier 8 or higher.
Ton of german grinding for small reward, but Bismark for first 4.
Maybe pass on the whole thing. Don't need the reward. No other bonus besides tokens.
20 missions just to get 30 camos.
Might work to cross levels, so can be working on part 2 of mission 2 while doing part 3 of mission 4.
Bismark and Z-23 are the 2 ships I can use. Both have perm camos.

# of Co-op battles: 18 - # of tokens earned: 120 = good for 12 camos. took a full day.
1. DONE           | DONE          | DONE            | DONE

2. DONE           | 11/25k xp.   | 2/9k base xp. | DONE

3. DONE       | 0/65k spot damage | 0/3.2M credits | DONE

4. 1/7 caps       | 0/2M credits  | 0/1,000 2ndary hits | 0/120k spot dmg.

5. 0/6.5k base xp | 0/540k damage | 0/120k xp | 0/50k xp.

Now that I have them listed, I see several that aren't anywhere near doing for 1.5 camos.
Will probably hit a wall and stop there.

$8M to buy back Hipper, & use for this at same time as Campaign.
No perm camo & low base credits, but it would work.
got extra captains looking for a home.

Twitch missions are random only, each one = earn big xp in one battle. T5-10 any class.
But $200k each & 1 german container at end.

12d, 13d, 14d, 15, 1600 xp.

Strong Willed - 4:5 = earn 5 HERO ONLY medals T9-10. = 2S. Reward 1 slot. - Can do this! Conqueror. Thunderer.
Strong Willed - 4:2 = $5.5M credits. WINS ONLY, CRUISERS ONLY, Co-op. T8-10. = 2S (60 co-op battles).
Strong Willed - 4:4 = 35k FXP, all modes, all ships. BOOSTS COUNT. T9-10. = 1S (only 1 star though.)
Prem cruisers w prem time in co-op.


Add the dailies and that's 6 chains running at the same time.


But wait, there's more!

Mon. Jul. 13 - Sun. 19th last day.

0/1,789,000 potential damage.
Reward: 10x Revolutionary expendable camouflages, FNFL flag, and the French National Day patch
Tier V–X French ships in Operations, Random, and Co-op Battles.

LeFan & Charles work with campaign. Both have perm camos.
Charles works with Dockyard.


On a side note, I'm currently managing half a dozen chains on another game that I'm playing. Getting tough just to keep up.

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It's very easy to manage the missions. 

Just play the game as you like and the missions do themselves. I complete most of my missions without paying attention to them, and I'll go out of my way to finish whatever is left. 

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4 minutes ago, mrmariokartguy said:

Just play the game as you like and the missions do themselves.

Doesn't work that way for me. I would only be playing Jutland and Oster, and very little would get done.

So I stack as many as I can, but the industry has gotten wise to that, which is why you're seeing more restrictions on missions.

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