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Those wacky damage games...

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So I decided to buy back my Nagato, throw in a secondary spec commander in for fun and took it out for a spin. Soon I found myself in a tier 9 game and I already got the sense that I was going to be deleted by a bunch battleships overmatching my bow. Funny enough, I was literally ignored throughout the entire battle and I found myself scoring free citadels on broadsiding ships. At the end of the game, I only received around 600 k potential damage, most of which came from a Sovetsky Soyuz who decided to brawl with me at the end of the game (but he only started paying attention to me when I citadeled him and took off a quarter of his hitpoints.) I managed to win the brawl with my HP advantage (I was nearly full health) and that ended the game. I was surprised that I broke my damage record. My previous record was 190 k in a Bayern (I don't even know how that happened) and before that was a 150 k in the Nagato again (also because the enemy team ignored me and I ended up farming citadels.)

So yeah, the moral of the story is not to ignore ships, especially a Nagato with 16" rifles.



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One of the perks of being undertiered is you have "worthless camo".  Gratz on your record :cap_like:

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