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Get rid of sticky rocks or else make reverse strong enough to get unstuck

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It sucks to get stuck on rocks and have your ship pummelled because it cannot move.  I doubt those that shoot at stuck ships think highly of the skill required to shoot a stuck ship.  I mean, minutes of forward, backward, forward, backward, where the ship never moves forward or backward, until the red side realizes your situation.

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I think it's gravity. Because I tried Teflon coatings, coconut oil, and cosmoline. Stick an island like Notser and the game makes you pay dearly for it.

I can only imagine the maniacal laughter when I get stuck and red focuses you like you are a pinata full of Warships codes.

I often look for cruisers getting stuck. In a CV, a stuck Cruiser is an easy target. And a rather comical one at that because from up there, it looks like they are making sweet love to the island.

Sometimes, I am tempted to say: "I can come back later if you need a moment."

I have done it myself and it's no fun.

Can you imagine a Yammy sliding over a sand bar being above water completely and technically you can't sink it?



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