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Sneaky Troll Game

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Replay here.

Synopsis: Random Battle in Standard Mode on the "Islands of Ice" map at Tier VII-IX. I am in Brindisi

I start on the west flank with a Fletcher and @maceh3 in a Maass. Our Fletcher ends up dead, but I sink the Z-39 who did it with eight SAP hits. The battleship that spawned on our side boogeyed out east immediately. Maass sinks the enemy Nelson on our flank, and the red Hipper that spawned on the west shifts east. Meanwhile, out east, the entire flank gradually collapses. 

As the endgame approaches, I realize that there's no red ships on the west side of the map at all, and all four of the remaining surface combatants on the red team are mopping up our team in the southeast quarter of the map. The red Graf Zeppelin is probably somewhere in the northeast corner. Our Indomitable (Kickass2003) is in the west part of our base and in danger as he retreats westward fighting.

Maass and I see the opportunity and flank the red base to the west. We are sporadically spotted by aircraft, and the red Jean Bart realizes what's happening and whips around to try and make it back and prevent the cap. But I pop my fuel smoke, and Maass cuddles alongside, and that's long enough for his smoke to come off cooldown. We dodge Graf Zeppelin torpedo bombers blind-dropping into the smoke and manage to dodge enough of the Jean Bart's desperate shell fire (plus I ding him for 8k in SAP damage to add insult to injury) that we succeed in capping the base for the win when down by three ships and with the Jean Bart about three seconds away from getting back into his base to contest the cap.

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