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On 7/10/2020 at 1:51 PM, Belit said:

Just getting started anyone with a reference code?



On 7/18/2020 at 12:02 PM, KilluaWalker said:

Hey I consider myself a faily new player if you want to team up :) 




Hi, welcome to you both!

If either of you would like to division up, I'd be happy to help - just send me a message in-game and if I'm online at the same time we can division. 

In the meantime, I've copied some information below that might be of assistance to you.  Hope that helps!


For new players, I recommend the following nations and tech tree branches as easy to learn and to play: 

  • Destroyers: American destroyers are the easiest to play - their fast firing guns, and torpedoes on both sides (at low tier) means that its a fast, fun run-and-gun style, with great smoke screens.  They are very forgiving - rush in, gun enemy destroyers, and if you win and live, then rush up to a battleship and shove him up with torps... once you get more experience, you can do all of those things better, faster, longer etc. 
  • Cruisers: French cruisers are probably the easiest to play at low-mid tiers. Load HE, shoot slow targets at near your max range to set them on fire - when they repair those fires, set more.  Dodge incoming shells (particularly from battleships) by slamming into full reverse and throwing the rudder over into a hard turn - then accelerate away again before the next salvo comes.  Use your long-range torpedos to shoot down narrow alleys where the enemy is coming from - sometimes you'll get a hit, and it'll be great. More fires!
    • DO NOT start on the British Light Cruiser line (ending in Minotaur) - these ships take detailed understanding and experience of the game mechanics in order to play; things like target selection, map positioning, map awareness, spotting mechanics, AP bounce and shatter mechanics, smoke screens, fire detection range in smoke, sonar and torpedo aim all to be functional. Experienced players even struggle with this line.  Steer clear.  
  • Battleships
    • British: These are sturdy battleships that have excellent HE direct damage and high fire chance - unlike most battleships, shooting HE at things will make them go boom. Because of that, and because they have decent armour protection generally, these battleships are easy to learn: aim well, and profit. 
    • German: Much stronger armour, but wonky/inaccurate main guns - you'll mostly be shooting AP shells at enemy battleships and cruisers.  However, your battleships have good to excellent secondary battery (particularly from Tier 7) and are a defining feature of the line.  Because they are meant to be played up close to the enemy, these ships are easier to aim, take solid damage, and encourage your team to push the capture point you're currently on, helping to win games. 
    • French: Low tier these ships arent anything special; however, by mid tier they become multi-barrelled shotguns and by T8+ they become (less armoured) speed demons - a truly varied line that might help you determine what kind of ship you like playing. I found them fun.  
  • Aircraft carriers: Personally, I suggest avoiding them entirely for now - they are very different to play and hard to do well at.  However, as a general principle Royal Navy carriers are easier to play but less impactful on the battle - seek out enemy ships that have just used DCP in order to set lots of fires that stick.  Japanese carriers do far more direct damage with their AP bombs and heavier torpedo plane squadrons, but they are harder to play and you need to understand AP bomb pen mechanics and search for citadels. USN carriers are somewhere in between - see iChase's video guide to get a grasp of the basics.  

Once you have a few more battles under your belt, I strongly encourage you to read the following: 

  • How to set up your game client to get the information you need to win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSCb96CLCs4
  • (For brand New Players - a full comprehensive guide) iChase's How to get good at World of Warships - I wish this was around when I started!
  • (For New Players) - Wargaming's 'How It Works' series that explains the game's mechanics - important to learn these as it differs to real life.
  • (For New Players looking to become Intermediate) my Ship Role Quick Reference Guide to understand how to get the best out of your ship every battle and how to deal with enemy ships of the same type. 
  • (For Intermediate players) LittleWhiteMouse's guide to How to take control of your win rate:  https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/75077-how-to-control-your-win-rate/
  • For players at any level who are interested in personalised feedback on a particular battle, get in touch with Lord_Zath and his replay centre - its an amazing service that you should take advantage of.  
  • You are under absolutely no obligation to spend money on this game - it is entirely free to play including at high tiers. 
    • Understanding the economics of WoWS and tips for playing as free-to-play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDgwH2w-k7U
    • Still, if you are interested in buying a premium ship, a discussion on what premium ships are good value for newer players can be found on my New Player Guide Premium Ships for New Players.
      • The second post in this thread has some good advice on how to rapidly become a better player through teamwork and positioning - see Section 3 - its worth a read!


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