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German CV's "Rhein" and "August Von Parseval" Bombers cruising height causes Flak to not render.

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The title on the tin, Basically when using Rhein and Parseval. The height their Bombers climb to cause Flak to not render at all, However you'll still take damage should you run into one of these invisible Flak Clouds.

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Make sure you are not looking down while flying till the very end. Flak spawns in front of the planes and due to the camera angle on the bombers you are looking down to see targets. Therefore you must maneuver through flak with you barely seeing it.  Its difficult to get used to. Just dont fly straight and you should be able to avoid a good amount of it. if you actually cannot see it in front of you then it would be a bug though

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I'm seeing the flak. 

It might have been nice "if" the aiming reticule allowed you to switch between directly below and directly forward so you can tell where the double hockey sticks the reticle is. 

I've also noticed if, after a DB run you try pulling a hard turn to line up another target, "sometimes" the DBs will do a near 360 (circle) in one spot. Might want to look into that action. 

And somehow - you have GOT to brighten that aiming reticule, especially for the AP rockets. It is practically (for all intents and purpose) non-existent as you cannot see it when it is time to release rockets. 

This is a huge issue when the lighting for the map is sunlight or sunrise, with the sun to the back of the target. You simply can't see the reticle when using the AP rockets. Try it, you'll see. 

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