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New US BB line - Just a bit samey?

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Pretty much as above.  The thing that struck me the most of the US high tier standard BB's is how similar they are to each other.  Apart from the 457's at tier 10 and some minor stat adjustments for all three, they feel like the exact same ship three times over.  Talk about a mind numbing boring grind.

And yes, it's WIP but the intent is there.  Thoughts?

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As many have said in other threads, the community has done all the leg work and research for the US BB split for WG a dozen times over. All WG had to do was make the models and plug in the stats.

Instead...WG boots all that work and instead tries to reinvent the wheel and produces this hot, flaming train wreck.

My thoughts? WG wants to give the appearance of acknowledging the community request of a US BB split, but makes a half assed effort and flips us the bird at the same time. This is an extension of how they borked implementation of California, added WV'44 to the mobile game while giving us WV'41. 

Those are my thoughts...well, more my feelings. But hey, what do I know.

Having said that...AFAIK these things haven't even gone in to testing yet, let alone been delivered to the ST community. Losing one's mind over preliminary sneak peeks doesn't seem to make much sense. WG's history doesn't leave me super hopeful, but I am willing to wait and see. Maybe they will pull a rabbit out of their collective hats and surprise us. 

Lastly, like all questionable good/bad ships...regardless of how they are implemented, some will make them work, some won't. Only time will tell.

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