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Random Weekly Thoughts: CB Season 9, 0.9.7 ST and AA Mechanics

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Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to this week's edition of Random Weekly Thoughts, where I sort out and interpret the news that has come up in this past week, and present it to you in an easy to digest manner.

I would like to thank @Hapa_Fodder for giving us the Development Blogs this past week, and I'd also like to thank him for being such a great guy in general, and remember, the new tech-tree line announcement is coming up at 9:00 AM Pacific time, so remember to tune in on either Twitch or YouTube to bear witness to the new ship line!

So then, lets get started.

DevBlog 40: Results of Clan Battles Season IX


TL;DR: We recognize the effectiveness (read: over-effectiveness ) of Aircraft Carriers in Clan Battles, and we are looking to make changes to reduce the effectiveness of Carriers in the future

Proposed Changes

  • Individual Rebalancing of Hakuryu and Venezia ( as detailed in DevBlog 38, you can read my article on that as well )
  • Changing the number of Battleships in the higher tiers from 1 to 2
  • Changing the Aircraft Carrier Spotting Mechanics
  • Changing Aerial Spotting Mechanics for Destroyers and CV vs DD interactions

Other news

  • Next CB Season will be 7x7 on Tier 6 ships, with CVs, July 15th to August 31st

My Thoughts: Well, the first set of changes do look quite appealing to me. I already detailed the Hakuryu and the Venezia changes in the previous edition of Random Weekly Thoughts, so I won't go over those. However, the Battleship number changes do puzzle me quite a bit, since we already have a proliferation of cruisers that are already capable of burning a battleship to the waterline, and I fail to see what difference adding a second battleship would make. I won't go over the spotting changes, since these are still being tested, and I will detail the Destroyer AA mechanic changes shortly. 

As for the Clan Battles Season, sign me up! I recently joined the Privateers clan, which is a semi-competitive clan that actually plays well, and I'd also like to extend a thank you to @crookytweetfor letting me join the clan. Go check him out, super nice guy.

But that's besides the point. Of course, I will be detailing the best ships for the upcoming CB season in a separate thread. Stay tuned for that one.

DevBlog 41: Destroyer AA Mechanic Changes



  • A ship's detectability range by air is now equivalent to the maximum firing range of her AA guns for a period of 20 seconds after her AA guns cease firing
  • The detectability range by air of all destroyers is halved

Reasoning TL;DR: Changes will allow for greater counterplay from destroyers against rocket attack aircraft by minimizing the detectability of Destroyers who keep their AA off. However, Destroyers that keep their AA on will be spotted by air at the maximum range of their AA defenses.

My Thoughts: This is largely beneficial to destroyers that do not have good AA in general, especially the French and the Soviet Heavy Destroyers ( Khabarovsk, for the layman ). At the same time, however, this makes AA-oriented Destroyers, such as the Europeans and the Americans, more vulnerable to air raids if they choose to keep their AA defenses active, and unless they can down all the aircraft in a single pass of the Priority Sector, this leaves them quite vulnerable to air attack if they choose to switch off their AA defenses after the aircraft have passed overhead and through the flak, as the carriers still know where they are and can quite easily make an attack run within the distance that said destroyer is now visible from.

It's an interesting change, but a welcome one to be sure.

DevBlog 42: 0.9.7 ST: German Aircraft Carriers Part 2 ( Deutsche Flugzeugtrager)


New Campaign: German Aircraft Carriers

This campaign is supposed to highlight the high points of the Kaiserliche Marine and the Kriegsmarine, and while I don't know all the specifics, I am curious to see what it's going to look like. I love German ships, and this, if I'm being honest, is going to be the highlight of the 0.9.7 update, as we can now see what these ships would have looked like back in historical times ( I think..)

Changing Keys for Consumables

  • Consumable Keys can now be switched around on a per-ship basis as needed. Consumables can be "un-fixed" from their current slot by a tab in the upper corner.

My Thoughts: I'm not sure this really applies to me, since I never find myself mis-clicking often. Still, I'm sure many of you out there will certainly appreciate this change, especially you Japanese Torpedo DD Mains who still believe that there are no guns on your ship, and always find yourself using your smoke to run away. ( sorry ) 

Also, I might use it for my French DDs, since I do find myself clicking the Reload Booster instead of my engine boost more often than not. 

Ranked Sprint 13

  • Tier IX in a 3v3 format. Standard Maps.

My Thoughts: I'll be detailing the best ships for this around August or so. Otherwise, no CVs, and no Arms Race, so that's good.

New Signals

  • X-Ray Papa Unaone: Increases Smoke Generator Action Time by 15% 
  • Sierra Bravo: Increases Hydroacoustic Search Action Time by 10% and lowers Defensive AA Fire reload time by 10%

My thoughts: These are interesting flags, to be sure. I feel that the first flag is going to be useful for ships that have either a Crawling Smoke Generator or the Exhaust Smoke Generator Consumable, since this prolongs the actual action time of the smoke, and thus, more puffs of smoke will be generated. This will also work well with the Smoke Generator Modification, especially on ships with the Crawling Smoke Generator, as that means even more smoke. As for the other signal flag, this will work well on ships such as the German Battleships, Royal Navy Destroyers, Pan-European Destroyers, USN Destroyers, and USN Light Cruisers, since it effectively means that either the Hydroacoustics are going to run for longer, or the DFAA is going to be more or less ready when you need it.

New Containers

We'll have to see what they contain in order to pass judgement.

New Camos

  • Iron Cross Camo for Erich Loewenhardt and Pommern
  • Hot Tropics camo for Atlanta
  • Summer Expendable camo.

My Thoughts: the Iron Cross camo looks absolutely badass, and the summer camo looks fun. However, the Atlanta camo, or at least part of it, is, to put it in the words of @LittleWhiteMouse, disturbingly wiggly. Still, I like the little trees they put on the superstructure. It looks like Atlanta is wearing a hat or two. Its cute.

New Patches 

  • Patches from 9 different countries were added 

My thoughts: I like the way these look, especially the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Adding diversity is always an important thing, especially in the way people choose to present themselves. 

Also, could you imagine how sanctimonious Smolensk players are going to be when the person that kills them uses the first patch as their insignia. 


Welp, that's all I have for you folks today. If you have any questions, comments, or salt, do leave them down below.




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7 minutes ago, Shrayes_Bhagavatula said:

Also, could you imagine how sanctimonious Smolensk players are going to be when the person that kills them uses the first patch as their insignia. 

I can see a lot of people feeling trolled. Subtext: "Ship destroyed by RNGesus."

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I must have missed the announcement of the next cb season at t6 and a ranked sprint at t9. I like this

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While the DD air detection change is a step in the right direction, i don't see slapping 20 second detection on to your AA range being very fun.


My Tashkent and its 5.8km AA range can usually ambush planes a little bit if they're already hurt, but i always had the option to dip back into stealth after they leave my plane detect range even if they're still in my AA range, this will make this a none option, so I guess i'll just have to get better at just_dodge^tm being lit up to 5.8km without ever having shot my guns.


I wouldn't mind it nearly as much if it was maybe 10 seconds or 5, but 20 is just silly, reserve that penalty for you main armament please.

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