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Damage Control Mod 1....What's the deal?

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Ok I need a little help with understanding Damage Control Party Mod 1 Upgrade (that you now buy in Armory for Coal that used to be only available in Super containers or Ranked Rewards). 

I have recently started to get more into BB's (since DD play became less fun with the CV update) and started to look more closely at how my US BBs (particularly the Massachusetts and Georgia which I run as partial secondary builds). It seems for a brawling US BB that the module would be pretty great increasing the Action Time of my healing (and thus the amount healed?) as well as the immunity period from fires. 

I installed the module and took screen shots of the Heal and put them below. My question is why when this is installed does my Action Time not increase? Before installation it is 28 seconds and after it is 28 seconds. No gain? 

Also anyone have an opinion on this Damage Control Party Mod? It goes in the 1st slot so I don't really feel I'm gimping myself by installing this. It seems it would be a perfect module particularly for US BBs but I never hear them mentioned or recommended. Now that they're in Armory with a coupon costing like 12k Coal I was thinking of putting one on my Georgia also.

So what's the deal with this? Why isn't it giving me more action time and is this worth it? Anyone run these?



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I think you're confusing Damage Control Party and Repair Party.  Damage control puts out fires and floods and offers temporary immunity from getting new ones.  Repair Party restores HP over time.  The special mod increases the time for Damage Control Party, so that's extra immunity time.  It doesn't affect Repair Party and your ability to heal.

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