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Random game stats I'd like to see...

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1.  I'd love to see how many players start their gaming session with a 3 game or more losing streak and then quit for the day.

2.  How often does a team lose, after getting all 3 caps?

3.  For the players that have played on a given day, what is their overall account win rate?  My bet is as of late, it's in the 40-45 range 

4.  How many tier 10 games are played without upgrades on a given day?

5.  How many players in a given day never switch from HE to AP, on ships in which the choice is appropriate?

6.  What is the largest ship or point gap that was overcome in a single game?

7.  What is the highest damage done on a winning team, without a kill?

8.  What are the records for random battles regarding main battery hits, torp hits, secondary hits, planes down, etc.

What would you like to know?  :)


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i know a lovely man who managed to get like 76% main battery hit ratio in 1 game using the north carolina!

i know you would think that is inhumanely possible!

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