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Season X Clan Battles

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Looks like the next CB season will be T6. See the dev blog for the rest. Looks like WG is hoping to make some changes eventually with the CV's in CB.


season X will be conducted in a 7x7 format on Tier VI ships without any weather events. The restrictions remain the same: one carrier or battleship for one team. Season date: July 15th – August 31st.



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ah yes. Killing the top players so the new players can come in and buy all the premium ships. Dumbing down the battles so after a while nobody knows what to do and yolo's in and dies. After a point, WG will even remove the cap points in battles and then it will just be sailing simulator with shooting. The season 9 of clan battles has already sent some top clans to quit or be inactive, this season will make those numbers go higher and a couple more of these season, all the top clans will probably move on except for a handful. WG wants more new players to come in and buy those shiny new premiums so they can take them out and sail it, but the unicums then destroy these types of players and  they lose the will to keep playing. So eliminate the unicums, new players come in and keep the cash rolling :Smile_child:


So Wargaming says that this past season, "the basis for victory is a carefully planned strategy and team skills. "  Let me say that there was "NO PLANNED STRATEGY" in clan battles because of the everpresent radar (CV) that can give you information about which ships are going to the flank. Any team with a brain can then realize what the opponent is trying to do and will try to overwhelm them. There is no case for strategy here and just raw player skill and of course which side the CV focuses. but of course WG fails to see this because they don't play clan battles themselves and have no idea how it feels to actually play. They just rely on spreadsheet data to accumulate the statistics on the type of ships used and players played. They don't realize that the lower leagues seldom have any strategy and will choose any ship the player has currently. I was part of the lower league clan when I was a new player and trust me, we didn't have any strategy and any player who showed up and had a tier 10 ship was picked to play.


As WG has no experience of playing clan battles, I can lay down them a challenge. We are open to holding some training room battles in clan battle format with WG devs so they can understand the battles first hand. tier 10 7v7 with a CV or BB allowed. Pretty sure my clan will be able to make them see so much diversity and WG can plan their own strategy which will be thrown out of the window as soon as there is a CV in battle and in the end it all comes down to player skill. @Hapa_Fodder let us know if you are open to this challenge, and we can setup the training room at the appropriate time. I will obviously have to talk to my clan to even doing it as I will need to gather the players from my clan as well.


As for the upcoming season with tier 6 ships 7v7, its going to be a more higher degree of shitshow because the cruisers have no heal, negative AA. The Ryujo is going to be the most popular CV. and DD's will not be popular again as again they have negative AA

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