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USBB split thoughts

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I have been meaning to do a more detailed post following up on my earlier US battleship split proposal, but since they have announced a new line announcement for Friday, July 3rd, the date makes a new US line seem like a better than average bet. That said, if that does end up being the case, I want to at least share my general thoughts on a US BB split. Previously, I created an entirely new line, but upon review and input from others, I decided that is not the best approach to take. Instead, this should resemble the earlier splits when ships could jump lines and sometimes even to new tiers. While I am not moving the tier of any of the existing ships, I am going to split the existing tech tree battleships between the two lines. These lines will have obvious differences, but it will be tiers 7 or 8 before the things that really define them fully come to fruition, even though the split will begin at tier 6. Line A will be defined by being very tanky and having a very large number of main battery guns, but they will largely be like a shotgun and not very accurate past 10km. Also, line A will be slow like the earlier US battleships, even painfully so, and the AA will be fairly weak until tier 10 when it will become more respectable. Line B will have fewer main batter guns, but will be far more accurate at range, as well as having the secondary and AA capabilities found in Massachusetts and Georgia in addition to good speed and the best maneuverability of any battleship in the game. However, they will be far less tanky and have fewer HP. than most other battleship lines.

Line A (Slow and Tanky shotguns)

VI New Mexico (Unchanged)

VII Colorado (Unchanged)

VIII South Dakota (1920 design): The 4x3 406mm guns may seem to be too much for tier 8, but the sigma will be the worst in the game, and it will only have a top speed of 23 knots. Also, the AA will be very weak, as this is still a 1920s standard battleship. Even with the large number of guns, this should still be somewhat fair for the tier, if extremely frustrating for the number of misses it will have.

IX Illinois (Tillman 1): another 4x3 406mm design, this is a natural progression from the South Dakota, but will feature small improvements on almost every front. It is a natual halfway bridge to the tier 10.

X Montana (Mostly unchanged, maybe give a slight buff to survivability due to power creep)

Line B (Fast but flimsy DPS nightmares)

VI Nevada (A hull 1941, B hull 1944) At first the stock version of this may seem to just be a worse New Mexico, but it will be gifted with far more accurate main battery to offset having two fewer main battery guns. When upgrading to the B hull, it will still be painfully slow like New Mexico, but it will gain a long range secondary dual purpose battery that makes it able to inflict remarkable damage on ships that venture too close, in conjunction to an excellent detection range that can trap ships that accidentally stumble upon it.

VII Constellation (Lexington class battlecruiser) 4x2 406mm guns with a massive speed increase over tier 6 and secondaries to boot, this is where the alternative scheme really starts to take off.

VIII North Carolina (Same as now, except Massachusetts secondaries)

IX Iowa (Same as now, except Georgia secondaries and a buff to turning) Finally, with a new design paradigm, these two ships can become what they are supposed to be.

X Kentucky (Postwar single funnel redesign with completely different superstructure from Iowa) Even though this is an Iowa hull and this ship will have both the lowest HP and the Lowest battleship Alpha of tier 10, it will be the most maneuverable ship, will have the strongest secondary battery and AA of any tier 10 ship, and it will feature 3x3 406mm guns with a 21 second base reload, giving it an impressive DPS and making it the battleship equivalent of Des Moines. It may not hit hard, but it hits accurately and frequently.

Here's to hoping this is what we get Friday, although the Italian BBs would be nice too!

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