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General Gameplay Suggestion (#1) from a Noob

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After playing WoWs for 3 months, I've recorded a number of suggestions for improving the gameplay experience for newbies.  (If a noob's first game experiences are good, he's more likely to continue playing the game; if the first experiences are bad, less likely.)


Please have there be a key that -- during gameplay -- immediately returns the player to a  behind-the-ship-at-a-30%-overhead-angle--view, with the cursor at the middle of the screen.  Link this function to a key, preferably the SPACE bar.  (This is the same view the game STARTS you with when the gameplay countdown is over and you begin battle.  You'd still be in either artillery or torpedo mode, depending on what mode you were in before you pressed the "Space" bar.)

Why?  Well....

Anyone remember when original Diablo came out in late 1995?  When you were in the dungeon, you might open the "inventory" screen to check weapons/armor, then open up the "character" screen to check/allocate stats points (as you just leveled up) and you need to see both the item in the inventory AND your current stats to know/if you can make the adjustment(s) needed to ready that armor/weapon/shield/helm.  With both these screens open and filling the computer screen, you are completely blind to what is going on in the dungeon around you...

Suddenly you hear the sound effects of something ATTACKING you!

You IMMEDIATELY hit the space bar and:

the character screen automatically closes,
the inventory screen automatically closes,
the combat map is automatically revealed, and
the cursor automatically has been placed at the very center of the game screen.  You are ready to FIGHT!

You go from blind and helpless to hacking and slashing in less than 1.5 seconds!  On ONE keystroke!

In WoWs, there simply isn't that feature, and as a newb I had immense frustration with this!  For about the first two weeks of gameplay it was DEATH for me to have the "incorrect" screen open when I needed to change to another, specific view/screen during battle.

For example (from my early EARLY gameplay):

I've pressed "3" and scrolled forward a bit to get ready to torp, when a cruiser emerges from smoke and I need to run for it.  But I need to avoid all the surrounding islands, so I need to get to a larger map view screen to figure my course.

So the first thing I do is press "3" to exit the torp screen.
WRONG!  It just widens the torp spread!  Guess again.
OK, I press 1 to exit the torp screen.
Wait!  I have to go back and correct that wide torp spread!  Click 3 again to get to torps, and 3 again to narrow the torp spread, and then hit 1 again.
WRONG!  Well, now I'm on the artillery screen -- an improvement -- but the view is still too close and I can't see the surrounding islands of the map.
The map, eh?  Then maybe I need to press the "M" key for MAP.
WRONG!  This takes you to a map screen -- the autopilot map screen!  Guess again.
OK, press M again to exit the autopilot map, and press... Esc key?  To escape close combat and get to the bigger map?
WRONG!  Goes to a screen that asks you if you want to leave the game entirely.
OK, press esc again, and try... Tab key?
WRONG!  Tab is chat and chat auto-command inventory.  Guess again.
Uh, I use the scroll button on my mouse and roll it forward?
WRONG!  Now you have magnified your vision so far forward that you see waves lapping against your ship's sides.  Guess again.
I press the Shift key?
HA!  WRONG!  Since you've magnified your view, it takes you to correct map screen, but the view is just off the side of the ship!  All you can see is water!
OK, I think I got this, I scroll...


THIS WAS INFURIATING in the early games!  You had to know the EXACT SINGLE KEY, of all the keys you were learning -- ONE DAMN KEY -- to keep yourself from dying.  And EVEN IF YOU HIT IT CORRECTLY, the view was often STILL SCREWED UP -- too close to the water, or inside the ship's rigging, or still on the torpedo screen!

So, as a newbie, my #1 request is have the "space bar" be a command key that automatically returns you to a view from behind your ship, at a 30 degree overhead viewpoint, with the cursor in the middle of the map-screen (much like what happens when the battle itself starts).  This would fix SO MUCH GRIEF for beginning players!

And, you could have it be a function you could disable in Settings, in case veteran players DON'T want to have it as a function!  

It's a potential win-win situation!

I hope, Wargaming, you'll consider it.


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