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Weekend Spree, June 26-28 2020

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Oh Me Freakin' Gawd.

Friday night: loaded on the flags and pounded through 49KXP of Leberecht Maass to get into the Z-23.

Yesterday and today: From 106K in the Amagi to Izumo in port.

I'm wrecked. And dirt-poor on credits. But happy and accomplished.

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I’m with you on credits.  Not complaining though because I had a new tier 10 to buy plus two 9s and an 8 to outfit.

Ranked out Friday with Chapayev and adding the 10,000 coal I was so close to a new ship with coupon.  Decided to buy the last three dockyard phases to get Odin and with that coal bought Georgia.

Also decided to free xp through Donskoi (didn’t want to grind it again) which gave me Al. Nevsky and enough RB points for Siegfried.

My first game in Nevsky was amazing, 150k damage and 3 kills.  Very solid performances in Siegfried and Georgia.  Odin was underwhelming.

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Congrats E_C on getting your two new ships.  Good luck in them.

I continued to work on the 3rd stage of the DY.  Pretty much played off and on all weekend.  Just finished getting to the Lightning from the Jervis today.  Maiden cruise in coop was so so, but, at least it's an advancement.  Small progress elsewhere.  Played the minimum 3 games in coop on the PT server.  And....(wait for it)...played a game in a CV (T4 Langley) on the PTS also.  Interesting to say the least.  Might try that a bit more there in coop where I can experiment without the detriment to real teams on the live server.  Not much damage, but didn't have any real people playing (bots all around me, green and red).

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