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Naval Battles Redundant

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For clans who have maxed out their Naval Base, which I assume is most or all well established clans, Naval Battles are totally useless. We are amassing Oil for no possible reason that I can fathom. Why not allow clans to exchange Oil for Coal or Steel or credits or doubloons, so that they can distribute the Coal and/or Steel to their clan members who participate in and earn Oil for their respective clans? My clan has basically stopped bothering to Enable Naval Battles as it is a 100% waste of time and effort. There is ZERO incentive for clans with maxed out Naval Bases to bother with Naval Battles. Seems like a very simple improvement that can be made. Anything would be better than the current stale situation as it is now. 

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I actually think this is a good Idea. Perhaps making coal accessible in exchange for Oil would seem like a good idea. Dont think steel would be that great unless the conversion rate was pretty high. However as you said, our clan has maxed out Naval Bases and has almost no use for oil so having a possible exchange for even credits or coal would be a nice addition

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