Just been over on the WOWS BOT SubReddit and boy are those guys  not happy with a certain section of humans over the ANTI CV sentiment on the forums and in the game. Reading whats happening over there those guys are planning to boycott all PVE modes which will almost basically bring the game to a halt and leave a lot very angry PVE players with no game to play. The growing consensus being the continual Anti CV rhetoric towards Human CV players that has spilled out into the PVE side of the game by PVE players against BOT CV's. One of the BOT leaders SCHEER said there fed up with there fellow BOT and human CV brethren being continually attacked by the ANTI crowd. Another leader FORBIN wrote " If CLAN's want to boycott CB fine we will form our own CLAN"s  and play CB with CV's on there team, we will win the steel they don't want ". This was in response on hearing that something like 150 CLANS plan to not play in the latest round of CB games. KUTUZOV also said on Reddit if WG wants things to run as per usual Battleships must be removed from the up coming CB round. Now I cant confirm but I believe The BOTS are organising there own discord channel as well to gather members and lodge a petition.  WOW just WOW CLANS protesting and planning to boycott CB and now BOTS total chaos may insure. Thank goodness the HAMSTERS that run the servers don't strike on us, what will WG do about this calamity.