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OverPen No Damage

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How does a ship sail with 2x-12x 12-16in. hull holes BELOW WATER ?

This is a physics mental bug that needs fixing. Get on it.


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First off, WoWS is not a simulator, nor is it always supposed to be ‘realistic.’ It’s an arcade game extremely loosely based on real world things (in this case, warships and naval forces in the first half of the 1900s). Physics and reality don’t really have a lot to do here. If they were, destroyers wouldn’t reload torpedoes in battle (and ships like Benham physically wouldn’t exist, since in a full 20 minute game you can theoretically launch a significant percentage of your ship’s total displacement in torpedoes alone that would probably sink your ship right at the beginning of the battle). Main battery hit rates would be in the low single digits. Ships would move slower, and battles would last hours if not days rather than 20 minutes max.


Underwater shell hits were actually a thing early on in the game’s development (back in early alpha), and it was more or less universally hated by devs and players alike and was quickly removed. It’s not coming back, and if it did I doubt you’d find many players that enjoy it.

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