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Suggestion: Improvement to Secondaries: Ammo choice & Manual 2ndary targeting

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As the title suggests, would it be possible to allow players to select if you want your secondaries firing AP or HE prior to entering QUEUE?


This could be done in two different ways:


1- As a selection on the port display.

Simply, there will be a large text on the ship at port where you need to put a check mark next to either AP or HE to select your secondary ammo type. 


2- As a ship upgrade path.

Add it as a side-grade to the final hull upgrade of each ship. For example if a ship has hull A and B types then next to hull B there will be 2 options: HE or AP secondaries. Player would install whichever he wants. These side-grades would be available for free when that hull is researched. Basically like how the old CVs had you able to swap aircraft types. 


Allowing players to choose whether to equip AP or HE would improve dynamic gameplay and allow certain national flavors to emerge. 

For example,

German BBs with HE would have their HE pen advantage but their AP would be 'normal'. 

IJN BBs with HE would have 'normal' HE but their AP would have higher penetration than normal so it'd be useful vs cruiser and other BBs but not very good vs DDs.

...stuff like that.


Manual Secondaries improvement:

Manual secondaries have a big problem: By selecting a target the ship secondaries on the OPPOSITE side of the ship will ignore any other targets..despite the fact they can't fire at selected target. 

Could this please be changed to something more functional? 


Like, borrow from the new changes to AA. Have secondaries behave somewhat like them. 


1- If you do not select a secondary target then your secondaries will only fire at the closest target, on either side, with the range and accuracy bonuses granted to them by your capt. skills and modules. 

2- If you select a target, there will be a 5 second timer that will make the secondaries on the side the target is in to 'focus' their fire... just like AA takes time to build up to max damage. The secondary focus fire will switch the guns on that side to firing only at that target and they gain EITHER a reload speed bonus or an accuracy bonus (+50% either) for a period of, say, 30 seconds. After that period of time expires, the secondaries will revert to normal and will take 15 seconds to be able to focus again. 


This would allow players to either not select a secondary target if they have enemy ships in range on both sides... or to focus fire on a specific target either because its the one they need dead fastest or because its not the closest enemy but it is the highest priority. 

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